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Image: Success Story: Tarinder Singh

Success Story: Tarinder Singh

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

45-year-old, Sydney resident Tarinder Singh had been driving his own transport truck as an owner/operator for more than 10 years. Even though he was self-employed, he did most of his driving for a large haul company transporting all sorts of goods from manufacturers to retailers throughout Ontario and other parts of Canada too. It was recommended to him by the transport company that as he was an owner/operator, he should arrange his own insurance as he would not be covered under the usual Workers' Compensation laws. Tarinder arranged to get his own disability insurance to cover him in the event that he could not work due to illness or injury.

The incident with life-changing results

During one of Tarinder's deliveries, he landed awkwardly when getting out of the truck and suffered a significant injury to his left ankle. A few years back he had developed diabetes, which was reasonably well-managed by medication, however, his diabetes coupled with the significant fracture to his ankle, resulted in complications and the doctors were uncertain about how quickly Tarinder would recover. They were concerned that he would be left with permanent restrictions that would make it difficult for him to operate a transport truck.

Insurance company denies claim for disability benefits

Initially following the incident, Tarinder and his family had hoped that he would recover quickly without any serious disruption to his work. After surgery, when the complications made it apparent that Tarinder would not be returning to his work anytime soon, he pulled out his disability insurance policy and contacted the insurance company to get the claim process going.

He filled out all the forms, including a form to be completed by his doctor and submitted them to his insurance company. The information was quite clear that Tarinder wasn't able to work at present and the prognosis for a future return to work was very much up in the air. Several weeks went by and the insurance company wanted more details regarding his disability. After several more weeks, Tarinder received a letter from the insurance company saying that his claim had been denied. They said that his coverage was only for disability caused by an accident, and that while his ankle fracture was caused by an accident, his ongoing disability was related to his underlying illness of diabetes and therefore not covered under the policy. Tarinder and his family were shocked as they believed that if Tarinder couldn't work, the policy would pay out. They had no idea that the claim could be denied on such a technicality.

How Share Lawyers helped

Tarinder didn't know what to do, but his friend, who was also an independent trucker had used Share Lawyers with a similar problem and suggested Tarinder contact them.

Tarinder learned that the firm had years of experience helping others in similar situations, and he knew that the lawyer assigned to his case could handle his claim with care and tact, and not accept any fees unless his case was settled. The Share Lawyers team got to work on his case gathering the necessary details about the incident and the medical information to make a strong case regarding Tardinder's entitlement to benefits under the policy.

Share Lawyers provided support and reassurance to Tarinder and put pressure on the insurance company to deal with the case as promptly as possible. Within 10 months, a settlement had been concluded at a settlement meeting arranged between Share Lawyers and the lawyers representing the insurance company, which allowed Tarinder to focus on his health and provided the financial support he needed to think again about his future, where he hoped to someday get back to providing for himself and his family with his dignity and self-respect intact.

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