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Image: Success Story: Walter Wade

Success Story: Walter Wade

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Walter Wade was an upstanding member in his community within Arviat. Walter was responsible, he was kind to his neighbours, paid his bills on time and always did the best he could for his family. Now, for the first time, Walter finally felt like he had his finances on track and was looking forward to spending some of his hard-earned savings on a trip to Europe with his wife and kids in just a few short months. Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned.

Debilitating Chest Pain Cause For Concern Among Family And Friends

Walter was the first to admit that in the past he hadn't taken the best care of himself. With a large family, a previous smoking problem and a busy lifestyle, eating well and getting enough exercise hadn't always been at the top of the list! Now, at the age of 53, Walter would often go for long walks or jogs to stay active and keep fit! Neighbours grew accustomed to seeing Walter out on the sidewalk each morning, that is, until Walter began to experience debilitating chest pain that left him unable to complete his morning routine.

As Walter's discomfort grew and he began to experience pain and numbness in his arms and legs, family and friends became worried about the troubling symptoms. Eventually Walter's family convinced him that he needed to pay a visit to his family doctor.

A Host Of Medical Tests Reveal Diagnosis

After hearing Walter's symptoms, the doctor ordered a heart disease risk assessment. The physical examination, stress tests and a visit to a heart specialist confirmed the worst, and Walter was promptly diagnosed with heart disease. Walter's medical team recommended that he take some time to recover and focus on his health and well-being.

The very same day, Walter's wife helped him apply for a leave of absence from work as VP Sales and to apply for his private long term disability benefits. Walter felt relieved and that he could finally breathe again.

Insured Receives Shocking News: Disability Beneftis Denied

A few weeks later, Walter received a letter from his insurance company containing some shocking news. Not only was his disability benefits claim denied, but the insurance company denied his claim based on something called "material misrepresentation", implying that he had lied on his initial application! Walter never realized that smoking one or two cigarettes a day in the past 12 months could affect his insurance policy in such a drastic way!

Unable to work, Walter worried that he wouldn't be able to provide for his family in the ways they had become accustomed. Without any income, Walter and his wife were forced to dip into their savings for Europe - it seemed that his dream would never fully be realized.

A New Approach Yields Positive Results!

Not knowing where to turn, Walter searched online for a law firm that could assist him with his disability case. Having stumbled upon the homepage for Share Lawyers, Walter was impressed. It seemed like the firm had years of experience helping those in similar situations. At this point, Walter had nothing to lose, so he called to schedule a free consultation. From the beginning, the Share Lawyers team put Walter and his family at ease. The Share Law team explained that they got results. Immediately the Share Lawyers team got to work on his case and gathered all of the necessary medical information needed in order to compile a strong case supporting Walter's Heart Disease diagnosis for combating the material misrepresentation claim. In less than a year, Share Lawyers was able to settle Walter's case with the insurance company by securing a lump-sum payment that would allow him to focus on his health and recovery.

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