Why Us

Legal Team

Share Lawyers has been in business for over 35 years, and that reason is to help you. David and Wendy have been leading the firm since its inception and are proud to see their trusted staff and family members continue to support their legacy.

  • David Share

    President / Managing Director
  • Steven Muller

    Vice-President Litigation
  • Samantha Share

    Lawyer/Assistant Managing Director
  • Janice E. Grevler

    Associate Lawyer
  • Alison Gilmour

    Associate Lawyer
  • Shira Bernholtz

    Client Service Lawyer
  • Shoshana Sandberg

    Client Service Lawyer
  • Karen Koshman

    Associate Lawyer
  • Gianmarco Fabiano

    Associate Lawyer
  • Jordan Richer

    Associate Lawyer
  • Michaela Diakiw

    Associate Lawyer
  • Tarun Singh

    Associate Lawyer
  • Tiffany Huynh

    Associate Lawyer
  • Nicholas Goldhawk

    Associate Lawyer
  • Aman Chaggar

    Associate Lawyer
  • Kirk Sloane

    Associate Lawyer, Retired
  • Wendy Hamilton-Share

    Executive Director
  • Adam Parry

    Assistant Executive Director
  • Adam Gula

    Manager, Client Services
  • Christine Chang

    Manager, Legal Support
  • Laura Maize

    Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Trish Aguiar

    Scheduling Coordinator, Senior Legal Assistant
  • Neel Gupta

    Client Services Coordinator
  • Pavely Eskander

    Client Service Rep, Paralegal
  • Lynn Shields

    Client Service Rep, Legal Assistant
  • Murray Alan

    Client Services
  • Mileva Skakavac

  • Joy Nastaskin

    Senior Bookkeeper
  • Sylvia Tri

    Bookkeeper, Legal Assistant
  • Yaruna Cooblal

    Law Clerk
  • Zee Zavlounov

  • Alycia Gray

  • Nora Marku

  • LeAnne Middlebrook

  • Lanny Espinola

    IT Specialist
  • Kate Lee

    Senior Legal Assistant
  • Rim Ismail

    Law Clerk
  • Volker Triebe

    Senior Law Clerk

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