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Disability Leave: Should I Stop Working?

Applying for disability leave from work is not an easy decision to make. Concerns about providing for yourself and your family and keeping your job may make you want to push through your pain, but this won’t make your problems go away. Stopping work is often the smartest decision for your long term health and wellbeing, and your disability benefits are there to provide you with financial support until you can return to work.

Four good reasons to apply for disability leave from work

  1. Your health comes first

  2. If you go part-time, your disability benefits could be reduced

  3. If you go part-time, you may lose your disability benefits altogether

  4. If you stay at work, you risk being fired

The bottom line is, if you have a disability or are seriously ill and have access to disability benefits, you should apply for those disability benefits as soon as possible. It is likely in your best interest to do so – both for your health and for your chances of winning your claim.

How we help clients who have to stop working

When you call Share Lawyers, you’ll speak with someone who knows what you are going through and can offer you the best possible advice at no cost to you.

You should contact us because:

  • It’s free to talk to us.

  • We can help you understand how disability benefits work.

  • We’ll discuss when the time is right for you to leave work.

  • We’ll walk you through the first steps in applying for your disability benefits.

  • Share Lawyers will be there to help you during these difficult times.

Get help applying for long term disability benefits

If you’re considering applying for disability leave from work, you should know the application process for short term disability and long term disability benefits is complex. With over 35 years of experience dealing with these types of disability claims, we can offer guidance that will assist you in the process.

We’re here to support you during this difficult time

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