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Image: Success Story: Danielle Rivera

Success Story: Danielle Rivera

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Long-time florist Danielle Rivera was an artist. Danielle could craft beautiful flower arrangements for any special occasion. Although she loved the beauty she was surrounded by each day at the flower shop, 56 year-old Danielle was planning to retire at 65 in Moncton. Everything was on track until Danielle began to experience widespread chronic pain that kept her from doing the things she loved.

Doctor Confirms Fibroymyalgia Diagnosis

After months with debilitating symptoms including chronic pain, fatigue and sleep disturbances, Danielle felt desperate.The pain left her unable to work and she applied for her long-term disability benefits. Danielle was relieved about her doctor’s diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, a central nervous system disorder that causes physiological pain and cognitive impairment. Danielle felt that she had the answers she needed to start getting her life back on track. Little did she know, but her problems were just beginning.

Insurance Company Delivers Startling News, Disability Claim Denied

Danielle was shocked to discover that her insurance company was denying her the benefits she deserved due to a lack of medical evidence! Danielle felt hopeless. How could the insurance company do this to her? No matter what documents she submitted, the insurance company always wanted more and she didn’t know what else she could do.

Nothing Left To Lose

When a family member recommended that she consult a lawyer to help with her claim, Danielle was skeptical. Danielle called Share Lawyers and she arranged a free consultation with an experienced disability lawyer.

Share Lawyers assured Danielle that they would not receive payment unless her case was settled, and they immediately got to work on her behalf. Share Lawyers gathered all of the necessary medical information needed to compile a strong case supporting Danielle’s Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Share Lawyers was able to settle Danielle’s case by securing a lump-sum payment that would protect her retirement savings and allow her to focus on getting well.

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