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Image: Success Story: Jae-eun Ko

Success Story: Jae-eun Ko

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

42 year-old Jae-eun Ko was the glue that held her Toronto advertising firm together! Even though she worked long hours and felt like she was always busy running errand and fielding calls, Jae-eun had always enjoyed her work as an Executive Assistant, and knew that the tasks she did for senior executives were incredibly important in keeping the business on track!

Stress and fatigue lead to more debilitating symptoms

After several months of assisting with a particularly difficult business transaction, Jae-eun was feeling like she needed a break! At first, Jae-eun chalked up her physical and mental exhaustion to stress - after all, she had been working too much lately without any time for socializing or relaxing; but after several more weeks passed, friends and family began to notice that Jae-eun wasn't her regular self. She had lost interest in her work and she constantly doubted herself and her ability to succeed. Jae-un did not wait long before deciding that it was time to seek help!

Doctor sends her for test

After visiting her family doctor, Jae-eun was sent for numerous tests to investigate her symptoms. The tests were inconclusive, and a firm diagnosis could not be established, but her doctor suspected some sort of auto-immune illness and referred her on to specialists for further consultation and investigation. Her doctor also suggested that given her symptoms, she should take time away from work to allow her to focus on her health. Jae-eun was worried about taking time away from work, but she knew that she wasn't able to cope with the day-to-day tasks that she was required to do. He suggested that she apply for whatever disability benefits were available to her to give herself the necessary time to obtain a diagnosis so that she could obtain the treatment she needed to get better. Little did she know that the benefits she needed were not so easily obtained.

Insurance company denied claim - further documentation required!

A few weeks after applying for benefits, Jae-eun received a letter from her insurance company. She was completely shocked to discover that her disability claim had been denied due to lack of medical evidence. She couldn't believe what she was reading, how could the insurance company do this to her now, especially since she no longer had the energy to complete the numerous forms and documents the insurance company required to fight for her disability benefits. Jae-eun decided it was time to find an experienced disability lawyer to assist her with her claim, and after searching the internet for a great firm, she proceeded to contact the team at Share Lawyers to schedule a free consultation!

How Share Lawyers helped

From the onset, Share Lawyers assured Jae-eun that they would not receive payment unless her case was settled, and they immediately got to work on her behalf. Share Lawyers gathered all of the necessary medical information needed in order to compile a strong case supporting Jae-eun's symptoms and restrictions with enough detail to satisfy her insurance company's requests. It took many months of Jae-eun to get a diagnosis of Lupus, but her doctors were very supportive in helping her with her case against the insurance company. Share Lawyers was able to win Jae-eun's case by negotiating a fair and substantial settlement. Finally, Jae-eun felt like she was at peace, and could focus on her health and wellness.

Denied your long term disability claim?

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