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Image: Success Story: George Christopoulos

Success Story: George Christopoulos

As a single father of three teenage girls living in Kamloops, George Christopoulos was a hard-working entrepreneur who took his financial responsibilities seriously. He ran a successful automotive shop in Aurora, Ontario, that provided well for his family.

Knowing that his livelihood depended on his health, George had purchased a life insurance policy, along with an accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) rider, when he and his late wife first started their family. He paid the premiums dutifully, never really thinking he would have to use the insurance. Although he had diabetes, he was otherwise in good health.

Car accident causes injury

One winter evening, George was driving home from work during a particularly heavy snowfall, when he was t-boned by a car that had fish-tailed out of control. The impact was so devastating that the driver’s side of George’s car was crushed, causing a concussion, broken ribs and a deep wound to his lower left leg. He was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries.

Injury causes infection

While in hospital, the wound in George’s leg became severely infected and could not be managed by antibiotics. His leg had to be amputated below the knee.

A challenging recovery

The accident and subsequent amputation devastated George and his family. Worried about their wellbeing, he pushed forward. He was fitted with a prosthetic leg and began physical rehab and counselling. George’s children stepped up to the plate and took turns taking care of him when they were not in school. Throughout all of this, his shop remained closed. Bills piled up. It was time to turn to his insurance.

The false safety net

After months of waiting for a response regarding his AD&D benefit, George took another major hit when the insurance company sent him a letter refusing to pay out the benefit. According to them, the loss of his limb was caused by complications due to diabetes, not the car accident.

No fight left in him

The insurance company's denial put an enormous strain on George. Dealing with his emotional, physical and mental recovery was trying enough; he did not have an ounce of energy left to fight their denial, even though he felt the decision was completely unjust.

Therapist refers him to Share Lawyers

Upon hearing about the insurance company's denial of benefits, George's rehab therapist handed him a Share Lawyers brochure and told him to call right away for help. That's how George met with David Share, President of the firm, and was impressed with David's expertise and track record of success dealing with George’s insurance company.

David was very familiar with the insurer's delay and denial tactics and was confident that he could succeed in recovering funds for George. George knew he couldn't do it alone. He also knew he didn't have anything to lose, since David guaranteed that they would not charge any fees unless they settled his case. He retained Share Lawyers the same day.

Taking action

While establishing that the amputation was caused by an accident was difficult, the medical evidence suggested that the complications that led to amputation were set in motion by the injuries sustained in the accident. This evidence was used to persuade the insurance company to pay out the claim with only a small reduction to take into account the risk of litigation.

With the funds George recovered he was able to plan for his future knowing he had received a fair settlement in his disputed AD&D claim.

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