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Image: Success Story: Francois Girard

Success Story: Francois Girard

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Francois is a 36-year-old Canadian Armed Forces member who returned to Corner Brook a few years ago after completing two tours in Afghanistan. Like many members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Francois risked his life every day. Unfortunately, these daily risks would eventually take a toll on Francois. As a result of his experiences, he was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and was unable to continue working. He decided to start attending programs through Service Income Security Insurance Plan in hopes of getting back to normal. He also started receiving some long term disability benefits through SISIP.

Benefits denied

Francois was frustrated. He still couldn’t work and had to rely on the long-term benefits he was receiving through SISIP. He had been attending support groups and following the program diligently for two years. Although he had made some progress, he was still finding it hard to reintegrate himself into daily activities. Since graduating from high school, Francois had been a hard worker, but an excellent work ethic was not enough to get him back to work with the medical challenges he was experiencing.

He was understandably distraught when he received a letter saying that his long-term disability benefits had been cancelled. The insurance company claimed that they could no longer offer him the benefits because they had been doing so for the last two years and expected him to have fully recovered in that time. He was angry and convinced that there had been a mistake but when he appealed on his own his claim was denied for a second time. Francois saw a Share Lawyers ad on TV and called for a consultation. He didn’t live too far from the office but was pleasantly surprised to learn that he would be able to work with Share Lawyers from the comfort of his own home. After the telephone consultation, the Share Lawyers team gathered all the medical information about Francois they could that were specific to his current situation. This would help substantiate his claim.

Disability lawyers helped win long term disability benefits

Share Lawyers won Francois’ case, and not only got him his benefits going back to when the insurance company had cut him off, but also secured benefits into the future to allow him the time that he needs to heal. Francois is thinking about what he might be able to do in the future. He was very happy with his experience with Share Lawyers and often refers friends and acquaintances in his veteran's support group.

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