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Image: Success Story: Tamar Adler

Success Story: Tamar Adler

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

After Tamar’s twin sons left home for university, her world was turned upside down. Now living alone in Watson Lake, she found that her job as a financial planner was not fulfilling enough of her social needs. She began going to the gym and joining groups to meet people, but quickly fell into old negative habits.

In her early twenties, Tamar had suffered from a serious eating disorder. Tamar would binge and purge at nearly all of her meals. After collapsing at a family event, she had been hospitalized and diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa. Though her negative self-talk and body dysmorphia never fully went away, she received medical help, took some time off school, and, after several years, became pregnant with her sons.

While raising her children, Tamar had something positive to focus on. Now an empty nester, she became obsessed with her appearance and controlling her caloric intake once again. After several months of purging her food, Tamar’s boss confronted her about her appearance and behaviour - she was frail and weak, and was having trouble concentrating on her tasks. Tamar was mortified, and knew she needed help. Her doctor encouraged her to take time off work, and Tamar was relieved when her boss agreed that she should take some time off.

After two years, Tamar was still collecting disability benefits and still struggling with bulimia. Once her insurance’s change of definition came up after two years, her insurance company denied her claim, stating that she would be able to work another job and that she didn’t meet their definition of disability.

When Tamar came into Share Lawyers, it was obvious that she was not able to work. In the meeting with her, she was not able to concentrate, and at age 44, she needed her cousin to assist her in getting from the passenger seat of the car and into our office.

Share Lawyers fought against Tamar’s insurance company and successfully won for her a continuation of benefits. While her settlement is not nearly enough to help Tamar live as comfortably as she deserves, she is able to continue living and fighting against her illness.

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