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Image: Success Story: Ahmed Mehrani

Success Story: Ahmed Mehrani

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

As a retired nurse from Dawson, 60-year-old Ahmed Mehrani had often been witness to the emotional, physical and financial challenges faced by patients who had lost their independence, not to mention the heavy toll placed on their families. He did not want his wife, Betsy, and their children to struggle if he was ever in need, so he purchased a critical illness insurance policy for $250,000.00—hoping, as everyone does, that he would never have to use it.

Stroke Causes Cognitive Impairment

Over three years after purchasing his insurance policy, Ahmed had a stroke. He was preparing dinner at home when the stroke occurred. Betsy called 911, allowing him to receive immediate care that ultimately saved his life. Once his condition was stable, it became clear that the stroke would have a lasting impact on his health.

In Need Of Long-Term Care

Ahmed was left with cognitive impairment, including poor short-term memory, confusion and the inability to speak in coherent sentences. It impacted the quality of his life tremendously. Betsy had to be by his side at all times to assist with transportation to doctor’s appointments, the administering of medications, rehabilitation and other daily tasks.

Insurance Claim Denied

As their savings diminished and they began to crumble under the stress of getting through each day, Betsy quickly realized that she needed help. She submitted a claim to the insurance along with the required medical documentation from Ahmed’s specialists. The insurance company reviewed Ahmed’s file and asked him to undergo cognitive testing with their inhouse specialist. He cooperated willingly. Five weeks after the tests, the insurance company wrote to Ahmed and Betsy, stating that while the test results did verify cognitive impairment due to stroke, the impairment did not meet the criteria listed in his critical illness policy. They denied the claim.

How Share Lawyers Helped

Betsy wasted no time in seeking professional advice. She found Share Lawyers online and booked a free consultation. It was important for her to understand the reason for denial, as well as what options were available to her family.

Upon meeting with Associate Lawyer Janice Grevler, Ahmed and Betsy felt relief that she had chosen the right firm. They retained them on the spot and were not disappointed. Share Lawyers began work on the case immediately. From the receptionists and the law clerks to the dedicated team of lawyers working on the case, Betsy felt that the entire team was thorough, committed and compassionate, and most importantly, very familiar with how to “play the game” with the insurance company.

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