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Approved Your Benefits

Have your disability benefits been approved?

We know how stressful dealing with your insurance company can be. While your goal is to get your health back on track, their goal is to take you off claim so they don’t have to pay your disability benefits any further. While under your insurance company’s “care”, your case manager will contact you often, asking for status updates, wanting further medical proof from your doctors, wanting you to speak to their doctors, and constantly pushing you to return back to work. This pressure can be very overwhelming, but you do not have to handle this on your own. Share is There.

How we can support you

If your claim for short term disability or long term disability benefits has been approved, but you have concerns about the future of your disability claim, we can help. When you call Share Lawyers, you will speak with someone who knows what you are going through and can offer you the best possible advice at no cost to you.

Why you should contact us:

  • Free to talk to us
  • Discuss the current status of your claim
  • Prepare you for what to expect in the future
  • Go over any concerns you have about how your insurance company is treating you
  • Prepare you for what to do if your insurance company threatens or terminates your disability benefits

We’re here to support you during this difficult time

How can we help?