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Non-payment of accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance claims are upsetting and often confusing. Denied claims may relate to issues regarding underwriting or interpretation of policy terms.

Before accepting a refusal by your insurance company to pay, consult with an AD&D lawyer to determine whether we can help you recover what belongs to you or your family.

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After receiving a denial of an accidental death & dismemberment insurance claim, you might be unsure about your next steps. At Share Lawyers, we understand your situation and want you to know that you're not alone. When you reach out to us, you'll speak with experienced AD&D claim lawyers who can provide valuable guidance, and it won't cost you a thing unless you win your case.

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Our law firm helps with AD&D insurance claim denials

David Share, President of Share Lawyers, on what AD&D insurance is, why AD&D insurance claims are denied, and what Share Lawyers can do to help.

David Share, President of Share Lawyers, on what AD&D insurance is, why those claims are denied, and what Share Lawyers can do to help.

AD&D insurance, just like a life insurance policy, is designed to pay out a lump sum in the event of a significant accident causing death, loss of a limb (or total loss of use), complete loss of vision, and several other serious injuries.

Companies usually contest AD&D claims for two reasons. They will argue that the injury is not the result of an accident. They will argue that the injury has not caused a total loss of use.

How much time do I have?

There are time limits to all disability claims and any delay in proceeding may be subject to a deadline so you should not delay in proceeding with your disability claim or obtaining legal advice to clarify these deadlines. We understand how important these timelines are and will respond to any call or email as soon as we can.

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Are you looking for a disability lawyer to fight for your rights? Our law firm has unmatched experience in disability law and we don't let provincial borders stop us from helping you in your time of need. Your insurance company has a presence throughout Canada and it makes sense to hire a disability law firm that knows the ins and outs of disability law and has a national presence too. Your insurance company knows who we are and knows that we won’t back down.

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Whether you've recently applied for AD&D insurance benefits or faced a denial from your insurance company, our AD&D lawyers are here to guide you through your options—without any cost. Understanding the AD&D insurance claim process and your rights is crucial.

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We understand that hiring an AD&D lawyer might seem financially challenging. Regardless of your stage in the AD&D claims process, we're here to support you. That's why we offer a free AD&D consultation, with no upfront costs or fees unless your case settles. You're not alone in this. We believe in your AD&D case, and our payment is tied to your success. Call us—it’s free!


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