Denied Long Term Disability: Nova Scotia

Share Lawyers is a renowned legal firm with an established presence throughout Canada. Our team of disability lawyers in Ontario has successfully assisted over 8,000 clients obtain the benefits they were unfairly denied by their insurance companies. We are recognized for our personalized legal services and proven track record of success that threatens even the largest insurance companies in Canada. If you need a disability lawyer, our lawyers are readily available to offer personalized and compassionate assistance. Contact us today at (866) 240-8730.

Disability Lawyers in Ontario & across Canada

Nova Scotia long term disability benefits denied? Looking for a lawyer to fight for your rights? Our law firm has unmatched experience in disability law and we don't let provincial borders stop us from helping you in your time of need. Your insurance company has a presence throughout Canada, so it makes sense to hire a disability law firm with well-established experience in disability law—and a national presence, too. Your insurance company knows who we are and they know we won’t back down.

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Trusted advocates in disability law

The Share Lawyers team has earned a formidable reputation. Insurance companies are well aware of our commitment to putting clients first and our determination in securing the benefits they deserve.

Our team boasts over 35 years of experience in disability law—a track record that speaks for itself. We possess a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of disability law and extensive knowledge of the nuanced insurance industry. If you've had your Nova Scotia long term disability, our foremost priority is to guide you through the legal system and ensure they receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

By choosing Share Lawyers, you can be confident in your decision because you will be represented by an entire legal team steadfastly advocating for your best interests.

Support in privately purchased & employee disability insurance claims

Disability claims: Employee benefits

If you pay into a long term disability plan through your employer, you may find that insurance companies make it very difficult to access these benefits when you need them. Insurers for these policies may use medical evidence in an attempt to disqualify you from coverage. There are also critical but unclear deadlines when it comes to filing claims. With our help, you can navigate the phases of applying for—and receiving—your disability benefits.

Disability claims: Privately purchased

You may have chosen to pay into a private disability policy as a professional, business owner, freelancer, or consultant. Unfortunately, insurance companies often give these claims a bit more scrutiny and may be more apt to deny you when you apply for benefits. We can help from the moment you file a claim, or at any stage in the process, increasing your odds of successfully receiving your benefits.

What to expect as a Share Lawyers client

As a Share Lawyers client, you can expect to be treated with the utmost respect and compassion as we help you fight the insurance company. We have a focused approach, treating every client we work with as our top priority. Nova Scotia long term disability denied? Don't settle for anything less than excellent legal support. Share is There.

Making legal services accessible & affordable

Many of our clients come to us in a difficult financial position because they're unable to work and their insurance company has denied their benefits. That's why all of our client relationships start with a free consultation. That way, you can get the guidance you need without any upfront costs. The ability to pay for legal services should never prevent you from getting them, which is why we offer affordable payment options and no-fee arrangements where you only pay if you win.

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