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Long COVID Disability Insurance Claim Denied

Just because we’ve returned to “normal” doesn’t mean COVID-19 is gone. A rising number of Canadians are facing the challenges of long COVID, experiencing lingering symptoms and health complications long after testing negative for the virus.

Those who are unable to return to work must rely on disability insurance to pay for necessities and make ends meet using long COVID as the reason for the claim.

If you’ve had a long COVID disability insurance claim denied, we’re here to help. At Share Lawyers, we aim to ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve while recovering from long COVID.

Was your long COVID disability insurance claim denied? Share Lawyers’ can help secure the benefits you’re entitled to.

Long Covid Disability Insurance Claim Denied? You Have Options

Findings from a 2020 global survey revealed that 25% of individuals experiencing long COVID have been forced to stop working. Shockingly, a staggering 85.9% of these patients continue to suffer even months or years after their initial infection. These relapses are often triggered by mental or physical exertion—including work.

Have the disabling symptoms of long COVID prevented you from working, but your claim was denied by your insurer? Thankfully, you don’t have to accept your insurance company’s decision. You still have options.

A Disability Lawyer Can Support You When You’ve Had Your Long COVID Disability Claim Denied

An experienced disability lawyer understands the importance of having the proper evidence to support your disability claim. They also recognize that navigating complex policies while juggling stringent documentation and due dates can be challenging and exceptionally stressful, especially given the emotional toll of the situation.

Share Lawyers know the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying out benefits. Contact us today to get assistance from disability lawyers who specialize and are well-versed in insurance policies and COVID-related language. We’re here to support you and secure the benefits that you deserve.

Why You Should Contact a Disability Lawyer at Share Lawyers
1. It’s free to talk to us about disability claims
2. We specialize in disability claims for COVID and long COVID and can go through your options
3. We provide a free consultation with one of our disability lawyers to learn how we can help you get your LTD benefits
4. We answer all your questions about the insurance industry
5. We help many clients whose benefits for COVID-19 or long COVID disability were denied

Let Us Take On the Stress For You

Share Lawyers understand the relentless challenges of long COVID, so we want to ensure that you get the disability benefits that you deserve. Our team of long term disability lawyers who specialize in COVID-related claims will deal with your insurance company so that you can focus on what matters most: your wellness.

Here’s what you can expect from our disability law firm:

Unmatched experience in disability law

With over 35 years of experience, we've won over 8,000 cases against insurance companies. Our unparalleled expertise is crucial if your long term COVID disability claim has been denied. Act promptly with Share Lawyers for a better chance of success; timeliness and details are vital to winning your case.

A team of disability lawyers to support you

Upon hiring us, you'll be assigned a team of three seasoned LTD lawyers to battle your insurance company. From your client service lawyer to your litigation lawyers, everyone you interact with will treat you with respect, compassion, and honesty. Share is there to support you throughout this process.

Contacting us is easy and can be done from home

We leverage cutting-edge technology to cater to our clients' needs. In many instances, you won't have to leave your home. Whether by phone, text, or email, our team of disability lawyers is easily accessible and ensures prompt responses. If you prefer face-to-face interaction, we make it possible through video conferencing, all from the comfort of your home.

Life ReBUILDER™ is an exclusive service to support you during your case and after winning

We utilize advanced technology to meet our clients' needs, often eliminating the need for you to leave your home. Whether through phone, text, or email, our disability lawyers are readily available and ensure timely responses. If you prefer in-person meetings, we offer video conferencing for face-to-face interactions, all from the comfort of your home.

Share Lawyers Fights to Secure Your Benefits

If you’ve had your long COVID disability insurance claim denied, we understand how frustrating it can be. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for your insurance company’s decision. Insurance companies maximize their profits by minimizing payouts and employing various strategies to avoid fulfilling claims.

The disability lawyers at Share Lawyers know how to handle insurance companies, and it’s why we’ve been so successful at helping Canadians like you secure their benefits for over 35 years.

We’re here to take on the burden of securing your long COVID disability benefits so you can focus on your health.

Was your long COVID disability insurance claim denied? It’s not the end of the road.

Contact Share Lawyers today and put our experience to work for you. Our 35+ years of experience can help you win your case against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and other insurance companies. Our legal team offers a free consultation and works on a contingency basis - there are no fees unless you win your case.