How Long Can You Claim Long Term Disability?

Long term disability (LTD) benefits provide a vital resource for Canadians who are unable to work due to illness or medical conditions. These benefits provide invaluable financial support to people in their time of need, empowering them to maintain their quality of life with dignity.

The duration of those benefits varies, however, depending on a person's insurance policy and the circumstances of their disability. If you are wondering how long you’ll be able to claim long term disability, we’ve got you covered.

How long can you claim long term disability? Share Lawyers’ long term disability lawyers can help answer that question.

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How Long Can You Claim Long Term Disability?

If you've experienced circumstances that have prevented you from returning to work, you might rely on your LTD benefits to support you during this time. Losing those benefits without warning can be a significant source of stress. We want you to be informed so that you can avoid unnecessary heartache due to a sudden loss of support.

How long can you claim long term disability? There are a few considerations that can help determine the answer to this question.

1. Eligibility & Definition of Disability

Understanding your policy is the starting point. Not only is the duration of LTD benefits determined by the policy, but it also outlines who is eligible for benefits and what counts as a disability. To qualify for benefits, you must meet the specific criteria in your policy.

The definition of a disability typically takes two things into account: the degree of your condition and any related restrictions you may be experiencing. To verify you’re eligible to receive benefits, you must provide sufficient medical evidence that supports why you cannot work.

2. Duration of Benefits

The duration of LTD benefits depends on your insurance policy. Some offer only brief periods of coverage, whereas others might keep you covered until retirement.

Even though the policy determines the duration, the insurance company may be able to modify the policy after a period of extended benefit collection. Once you’ve received benefits for 24 months to two years, a “Change of Definition” is likely to occur. After that, the legal criteria for being disabled may be redefined, which could lead to termination of your benefits. In addition, if your insurance company believes you could work elsewhere, they could end your benefits.

3. Benefit Revocation & Denial

Did you know that your insurance company can surveil you, demand additional medical evidence, or reassess your condition to determine your continued eligibility? Insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid paying out benefits.

When you’re already navigating a significant health challenge, the last thing you need is a big company looking for a reason to cut your lifeline. If your insurance company denies or terminates your LTD benefits, promptly seek legal assistance from experienced disability lawyers.

Share Lawyers can help you understand your rights, explore available options, and fight the insurance company’s tactics.

4. Legal Guidance

When your LTD benefits are threatened, it’s crucial to have experienced legal counsel in your corner. Disability lawyers can guide you through the complex claims process, help gather supporting medical evidence, and fight for your continued benefits. Share Lawyers can even take over all insurance communications so you don’t have to speak to them ever again.

Share Lawyers is Here to Fight for Your Long Term Disability Benefits

Remember, the duration of your LTD benefits is not set in stone. Learn how long you can expect to receive LTD benefits by reviewing your policy and seeking professional legal advice. Call us – for free – to make sure you receive the support you deserve: Share Is There.

If your claim is denied or you’re worried about your benefits being cut off, it’s time to consult with a disability firm that can help you navigate this complex process and take the burden off your shoulders.

After more than 35 years of experience in disability law, Share Lawyers is a name insurance companies know and respect nationwide. We have a proven track record of helping Canadians like you get the benefits they are entitled to. We work for people, not companies. Let us handle this fight so you can focus on your health.

The best part? You pay no fees until you win.

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