Bill C-22 & How it Will Impact You

Bill C-22 is a proposed federal legislation that aims to improve the lives of disabled Canadians by establishing the Canada Disability Benefit.

This legislation is a monumental achievement towards reducing poverty and providing financial security for those dealing with disabilities in Canada. Our VP of Litigation, Steven Muller, noticed that there is room for improvement in one section of the Bill. The Canada Disability Benefit is intended to provide additional assistance to those already receiving other benefits, such as disability benefits from a private insurer.

Section 9 is the problem. It seems like the wording in the Bill does not say that this new benefit shouldn't be deducted from your group disability benefits paid by an insurance company or paid by your employer. So basically, insurance companies or employers who pay the disability benefit will deduct this new benefit leaving you with no financial benefits from the Canada Disability Benefit. Yikes!

Picture this: you've just received your Canada Disability Benefit payment, and you're feeling relieved and grateful for the financial support from the government. But then, you notice something strange - a deduction from your monthly insurance disability benefit. Suddenly, the relief and gratitude you felt turns into frustration and confusion. You might be thinking, "What gives? Didn't Bill C-22 promise to improve my financial situation? Why do I have to give this to the LTD insurer? That’s not fair!"

Steven Muller has proposed a small 10-word change to Bill C-22, supported by many groups, and argues that this benefit should be given on top of any existing insurance benefits for those with disabilities. He is protecting you and the government from having the insurance companies profit and taking money you deserve. Now that's more like it!

The House of Commons has unanimously passed Bill C-22 and now it's at the Senate for review. Disability advocacy groups across Canada are making their voices heard and submitting proposals for changes to the Bill.

On April 26th, 2023, Steven Muller will be presenting his submission to the Senate committee which is televised. This is a crucial opportunity to make sure Bill C-22 is the best it can be for Canadians with disabilities. We at Share Lawyers are here to protect your financial security. We are here to make sure disabled Canadians are protected and to make sure government funds don’t end up as profits for the insurance industry when they should go to the people who need them.

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