Will My Disability Benefits Be Affected If I Move Out Of The Province?

Disability Benefits & Relocating

Will My Disability Benefits Be Affected If I Move Out Of The Province?

Many disability policies have a provision that requires the claimant to be living in Canada and may in some cases also indicate the province. Where the claim is ongoing, it would make sense to discuss any plans to move with the insurance company, as they may not have any problem with a claimant relocating from one province to another. You may also consider asking for a copy of the policy, and in particular any provisions regarding residency requirements.

Will My Disability Benefits Be Affected If I Move Out Of The Country?

Most LTD policies include a residency provision that may restrict or exclude benefits if you are outside the country. This would not usually encompass a period away for a brief duration, such as one to two weeks, but if you intend to be away for an extended period of time, you must check the policy provisions before making any travel plans. If you are on claim and must travel for a valid reason, you can discuss this with your insurance company and your lawyer, as if they approve the absence, you should not have a problem. These comments are general in nature and cannot replace actually reviewing the specific provisions of your particular policy.


Make sure to discuss any out of province or country move with your lawyer!

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