Employment Lawyer: Toronto

Facing employment issues in Toronto? Fired unfairly? Denied severance or offered too little? Need advice on termination pay or employment contracts? We understand how frustrating these workplace disputes can be, and many may require legal representation or professional advice.

Thankfully, our employment lawyers in Toronto are here for you. We offer free consultations and no fees unless you win. We’re Toronto-based but serve Ontario and all of Canada.

Share Lawyers has your back if you’re looking for an employment lawyer in Toronto.

Are you looking for an employment lawyer in Toronto? Share Lawyers’ experienced and dedicated team can help.

Employment Lawyer in Toronto: What to Expect

Dealing with an employment issue can leave you feeling uncertain about your rights and how a lawyer can assist you. However, you're not alone. At Share Lawyers, our employment lawyers in Toronto are here to help you navigate this challenging situation.

Reach out to us as soon as your issue arises. Here's what you can expect when you speak to us:

  • We will explain all of your available options

  • We will arrange a free consultation to get all of your information and explore how to assist you best

  • We will stand by your side when your employer has let you down

What Happens After You Reach Out to Share Lawyers?

1. Post-Consultation Support

Making decisions about your future can be overwhelming, and we are here to provide steadfast support. We’ll address your questions, explore options, and ensure your best interest guides every decision.

2. Become a Client of Share Lawyers

We use the latest technology to make the official sign-on process seamless. We can complete a retainer agreement remotely and begin working on your case immediately.

3. Ongoing Support

As we work on your employment file and update you, you’ll probably have questions along the way. We’re here to answer them as we fight back on your behalf.

What Kind of Cases Can Share Lawyers Help With?

With years of experience in employment law, Share Lawyers is equipped to handle the diverse challenges individuals may face in the workplace.


Severance is a crucial part of Canadian employment law. It ensures that employees are fairly compensated when their employment is terminated without cause. Oftentimes, unfairly deny severance to their employees or do not properly compensate them. Our employment lawyers can review your severance package to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Wrongful Dismissal

If you've been let go without a valid reason, it may constitute wrongful dismissal, and your rights deserve attention. Reach out to our employment lawyers to assess if your rights were infringed upon and to secure fair compensation. If your employer claims just cause for termination, seek guidance from an experienced employment lawyer.

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Failure to Accommodate

Employers are required to accommodate disabilities up to a point of "undue hardship" under employment law. If your employer fails to make reasonable accommodations, seek guidance from our employment lawyers to understand your rights. Legal representation is essential in such situations.

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Workplace Harassment

You deserve a workplace free from harassment. If mistreatment persists and your employer doesn't address it, turn to our employment lawyers for support under employment law. Professional guidance from our Toronto legal team empowers you to address your employment concerns confidently.

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Workplace Discrimination

If you've experienced workplace discrimination based on disability, age, or ethnicity, you may have grounds for a claim under employment and labour law rights. If your employment contract isn't being fulfilled, and you feel you're being mistreated, seek advice from our employment lawyers to ensure fair treatment.

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