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Are you struggling to find the right disability lawyer in Thornhill? Rest assured, Share Lawyers has got you covered. Our team has over 35 years of experience and a client-focused approach that ensures we listen to you and fight for your rights. With over 8,000 Canadians obtaining their disability benefits, our compassionate and personalized approach sets us apart from our competitors.

Choose a lawyer who will stand up to your insurance company and go the extra mile for you. Contact Share Lawyers today at (866) 240-8730 to start your journey towards justice.

How our Thornhill disability lawyers can contribute to your success

Don't face a disability claim denial alone. We specialize in disability law and can assist you in securing the benefits you deserve. Our team is here to help you determine the most effective approach for your situation. Schedule an initial consultation with us to assess your circumstances and develop a plan to fight your insurer. Contact us today for assistance with your disability claim and we will:

  • Make sure you understand all possible options for your case

  • Arrange for an obligation and cost-free consultation to reveal how we can facilitate the acquisition of your disability benefits

  • Offer unwavering support when your insurance agency is unsatisfactory

Free consultation & no fees unless you win

We understand that paying for a disability lawyer may feel out of reach right now. As a results-driven firm, we tie our fee to the return we get for you. That is why we offer a free consultation, why there are no upfront costs to you, and why there are no fees unless you win your case.

At Share Lawyers, we believe in transparency when it comes to fees. That's why we offer a maximum fee of 30%, and during your initial consultation, our team will provide you with a clear, comprehensive breakdown of any costs.

A Team of Experts in Disability Law

When you hire us, we put together a team of lawyers in our Thornhill office to fight for you. Everyone that you speak to, from your client service lawyer to your litigation lawyers, will treat you with respect, compassion, and honesty. Share is there to support you throughout this process.

Focus on Complete Recovery with Life reBUILDER™

A disability can have a significant impact on your life, and navigating the insurance claims process can be challenging. With Life reBUILDER, you can overcome the setbacks caused by your disability and get back on track. We provide access to six unique services tailored to support your total recovery, so you can move forward with confidence.

How our Thornhill disability lawyers assist you every step of the way

Step 1: Reach out to us

Contact us today to begin the process of acquiring your disability benefits. We'll gather all the necessary information and let you know of any additional details required to fully evaluate your case. Feel free to engage us with questions during this time, as we're ready to address your concerns.

Step 2: Explore the details of your case

Get free customized advice from a disability lawyer through a scheduled phone call about your claim. Get honest feedback and transparent recommendations on the most effective next steps.

Step 3: Experience post-consultation support

Count on us to be with you every step of the way during your claims process. With our post-consultation services, expect clear communication and compassionate care from start to finish. Our dedicated team will prioritize your needs and walk you through every decision. Trust us to be your support system through your entire journey.

Step 4: Make Share Lawyers your legal representatives

Experience seamless onboarding with our updated technology. You can efficiently sign representation agreements, even if you are miles away. Let us focus on your case right away.

Step 5: Receive ongoing support

We prioritize clear communication when helping with your disability claim. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are committed to keeping you informed every step of the way as we work towards obtaining your benefits.

How can Share Lawyers help in your battle against your insurance company?

Share is There. We won’t turn our back on you like your insurance company. We will be there for you every step of the way, using over 35 years of experience to win you the benefits you deserve. Your insurance company knows the name Share Lawyers and they know we mean business.

Ready to learn more?

Discover an adept disability lawyer at Share Lawyers. Our well-established law firm has a solid track record in delivering exceptional service and expertise in disability law. Trust that your insurance provider is well aware of our steadfast focus on client success, as numerous satisfied clients have raved about our exceptional results.

Take the first step today and schedule your free consultation with a seasoned disability lawyer. At Share Lawyers, we're dedicated to providing unparalleled support as you navigate your legal journey.

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