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Image: Success Story: Diana Sutter

Success Story: Diana Sutter

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Diana Sutter was a hard-working woman from Orillia, who loved her job. Having worked in the Mental Health field for over twelve years, Diana had dealt with many different people and situations. Not much could upset her anymore. She loved her co-workers and enjoyed going to work every day.

Unfortunately, Diana suffered from severe chronic migraines and had been diagnosed with chronic depression and fibromyalgia. She had to call in sick frequently, requiring days off to deal with the issues and symptoms that she experienced. Although they loved having her at work, it is hard to employ someone who is always calling in sick. Diana knew that she had to do something, so she applied for disability benefits.

Unfortunately, Diana was turned down four times. Still dealing with the issues of her depression and frequent migraines, Diana didn’t know what to do. She saw a commercial for Share Lawyers on television several times but didn’t think it would help her. Finally, her husband told her to “just call and see what happens”

Diana listened to her husband and called for a consultation. Speaking with Share Lawyers that first time changed everything; they immediately told her that she had a good case. Diana says the initial consultation was validating. “My lawyer was phenomenal. After our first meeting, and hearing that they would help; it was like the sun came out. I was dumbfounded.”

After Diana’s initial consultation, Share Lawyers began her case immediately. Diana says they started working on it right away. “It was like boom, boom, boom. They started running with it.” Although the case itself took months to build, Diana says she never felt worried or nervous about the process. “Everyone was so nice, they really took care of me. Every time I saw them, they were amazing. Full of compassion - they just listen.” Diana said that having someone to talk with her who understood her situation was key. She said that the reality of the situation is that she can’t work, and needed to speak to someone who would help. “Money doesn’t make your problems go away, but not worrying about money definitely helps.”

Diana describes the day the case came to a head in a final meeting. Diana says she was much more nervous that day. “I had a migraine and was so nervous about what might happen. The lawyers kept going back and forth. Thankfully my husband was with me!”

Before Diana knew it, the lawyers had settled. “The results were more than I had ever dreamed I would get. I was so thankful that my lawyer pushed for what he thought I should get, and delivered. Afterwards, my husband and I got in the car, looked at each other, and said ‘Did that just happen?’”.

Diana received her settlement within a week and says that her experience with Share Lawyers made all the difference. “The process was long, and I had to be patient, but my experience was wonderful. If people are hesitating, don’t hesitate to call. They’re on your side.”

The first time Diana read a Share Lawyers Success Story, she had no idea that one day she would be telling her own story. Reading other stories was always a source of hope and happiness for Diana, and she is so pleased to be able to do the same for others. “There are people out there who are willing to help you. Let them!”

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