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Image: Success Story: Amir Khan

Success Story: Amir Khan

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Independent agent from Vancouver, Amir Khan, sold a variety of insurance policies to businesses and professionals on behalf of insurance companies.

He educated his clients about how insurance provided a financial safety net in case of unfortunate events such as illness or injury.

One day, Amir found himself in need of that very same safety net he had touted to his clients during his 19-year career. You can imagine his great disappointment when he put in a claim for disability benefits only to be denied by his insurer.

A tragic loss

In December 2010, Amir’s 24-year-old daughter, Shireen, was diagnosed with a glioblastoma brain tumour and died two short months later. It was a terribly difficult time for Amir and his wife. Their daughter’s sudden passing caused Amir to fall into a severe depression.

Debilitated with grief

Although he was devastated by his loss, Amir had no choice but to get up every morning and go to his office. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and had two young sons and a wife to take care of. However, the emotional toll of his daughter’s death caught up with him.

Amir’s concentration began to slip, as did his memory. His entire body ached and made him move slowly and with great difficulty. Amir had to use what little emotional fortitude he had left to keep from breaking down in front of clients.

Doctor's diagnosis

Amir visited his doctor, who diagnosed him with Major Depressive Disorder and Fibromyalgia. She recommended that Amir stop working in order to deal with his loss and the debilitating symptoms of his depression or, she warned, it would get far worse. Amir knew that he was unable to work in his state. So, he took his doctor’s advice and applied for disability benefits through his private disability insurance.

Insurance company denies claim

Amir was shocked when he received a denial letter from his insurer. They cited “insufficient medical information” as the reason for denial. They did not agree that Amir’s depression and chronic pain were disabling, even after reviewing extensive medical reports from Amir’s doctor that stated otherwise.

For years, Amir had naively believed his insurer would automatically provide him with the benefits he had paid into if he simply made a claim. He thought of the countless clients he had sold insurance to and wondered if they were ever let down by their insurance provider as he was.

One evening, Amir was distractedly thumbing through a newspaper when an ad from Share Lawyers caught his attention. He called the office and, after speaking with a legal assistant about his situation, was immediately scheduled in for a free consultation.

David Share met with Amir and reviewed the details of the insurance company’s denial with him. He explained that many clients who suffer from disabilities such as depression and fibromyalgia are frequently denied by insurance companies due to the so-called subjective nature of the conditions. He assured Amir that the denial did not mean it was the end of the road for his claim.

Share Lawyers stands up to insurer

When Amir walked out of his mediation in downtown Toronto, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. Share Lawyers had succeeded in winning Amir a substantial settlement from the insurance company.

Amir thanked the whole team for lifting a huge financial burden off his shoulders. Not only that; the settlement also gave Amir the gift of time to finally mourn his daughter’s death and seek treatment for his depression and fibromyalgia.

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