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Union Disability Benefits

Facing a denial of your union disability benefits can be emotionally and financially taxing, mainly because you’re already dealing with a disabling injury or illness. If you’re a union member, there are likely additional concerns to address on how you may dispute a claim or termination of your benefits.

Share Lawyers empathizes with you, and we have a successful track record of assisting Canadians, including those in unions, to secure their disability benefits. If you’ve had your union disability benefits denied, you need someone in your corner that you can rely on.

Assistance for Union Disability Benefits Claim Denials

If you’ve had your union disability benefits denied, it's crucial to be aware of the options available to you. Share Lawyers offers a complimentary consultation to assess whether our long term disability lawyers can assist. Whether you're in the midst of the application process, currently on claim seeking guidance, or have experienced a denial of your disability benefits, don't hesitate to reach out to our office.

Unmatched long term disability experience

We've specialized in long term disability insurance for over 35 years and helped more than 8,000 Canadians. We know all the tricks insurance companies like to use to deny claims and how to get around them. Your insurance company knows who we are, and they know we won’t back down.

No fees unless you win your case

We understand that paying for a disability lawyer feels out of reach. We’re here to help, no matter where you are in the claims process. That’s why we offer a free consultation, with no upfront costs, and no fees unless you win your case. You’re not alone. We believe in your disability case, which is why we only get paid when you do. Call us – it’s free!

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Working with our disability lawyers gives you access to guidance and support tools along the way. You’ll become a member of a privileged group of clients who have access to our Hub, called Life reBUILDER™, exclusively from Share Lawyers. It offers six unique services to help rebuild your life and get you back on track, with the expertise of a full legal team, all working for you.

Understanding Union Disability Benefits

Unionized employees benefit from perks negotiated for by their unions that provide safety nets and enhance the overall value of their employment. These benefits often include dental, physio, life, and disability insurance and increase the quality of life in and out of the workplace.

However, not all employees know the extent or specifics of this coverage. In addition, employee benefits booklets are often complex due to different categorizations.

Also, many union members may find themselves uncertain about their union’s functions, the benefits they qualify for, or even the name of their union. This uncertainty is often observed in unions themselves.

It’s why during long term disability disputes, union representatives may feel out of depth in unfamiliar territory. To navigate such situations effectively, it's essential to consider the following important considerations if your union disability benefits were denied.

Union Disability Benefit Considerations

  1. Coverage Details

Familiarize yourself with the specific disability benefits offered by your union. This includes understanding coverage for short term and long term disabilities.

  1. Qualification Criteria

Know the eligibility criteria for disability benefits. This may involve meeting specific work-hour requirements, having a qualifying disability, and adhering to any waiting periods.

  1. Application Process

Understand the procedures for applying for disability benefits. This includes the necessary forms, documentation, and deadlines. Adhering to the application process is vital for smooth approval.

  1. Benefit Duration

Know the duration for which you are eligible to receive disability benefits. Short term and long term disability benefits may have different time frames, and it's essential to be aware of any limitations.

  1. Appeal Process

Be aware of the steps involved in the appeal process if your disability claim is denied. Understanding your rights and the procedures for appealing a decision is essential.

  1. Communication with Union

Maintain open communication with your union representative. They can provide valuable information about your benefits, assist with the application process, and guide you through any disputes.

  1. Medical Documentation

Provide thorough and accurate medical documentation to support your disability claim. This may include medical records, doctor's statements, and other relevant documents.

  1. Review Collective Agreements

Review the collective agreement between your union and the employer. This document may outline specific provisions related to disability benefits, including the terms and conditions of coverage.

  1. Seek Legal Advice

If you have any questions or face challenges with your disability claim, seek legal advice from Share Lawyers. Specializing in employment and disability law, we can offer guidance on your rights and options.

The Role of Your Union Can Be Crucial

When applying for long term disability benefits, your union plays a crucial role in obtaining the necessary forms. Your Union representative can provide or guide you to these forms, ensuring accuracy as they may change. It's important to note that getting forms filled out by a doctor or therapist can be time-consuming and costly.

Your union representative can also help with employer-specific forms, like income confirmation or job descriptions. However, if your long-term disability claim is denied, challenges may arise.

How a Disability Lawyer Can Help With Your Union Disability Benefits

It’s often difficult to tell from correspondence, collective bargaining agreements (CBA), or benefit booklets who exactly is responsible for you and if you can hire a lawyer to represent you. You may get clarification from your union representative or employer’s HR department. If this fails to clarify matters, contact Share Lawyers and we may be able to tell you over the phone or during a free consultation.

Whatever your career, our disability lawyers are here to help

There is a lot of pressure being put on you to return to work even if you are not ready to. You know you can’t go back and do your job properly and if you were to go back to work, it would negatively impact your health. You should be thinking about what is best for your future. Having dealt with thousands of disability cases and hundreds of careers, our disability law firm knows how unique your job can be and that you should not rush into anything. If you cannot work, don’t let your insurance company tell you differently. If they will not support you, we can help. Our employment lawyers can also support you with any employment law or employment rights issues related to your disability case.

Share Lawyers Fights for Your Denied Union Disability Benefits

If you’ve had your union disability benefits denied and aren’t sure where to turn, look no further.

Share Lawyers fights insurance companies to help Canadians get the benefits they deserve. We have a successful track record and have assisted over 8,000 clients, many of whom were union members, in securing their disability benefits.

We’re dedicated to helping people and standing up to your insurance company. Our experienced LTD lawyers are ready to handle all correspondence and legal complexities so you can focus on what matters and get better.

Need more information on union disability benefits?

Contact Share Lawyers today and put our experience to work for you. Our 35+ years of experience can help you win your case against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and other insurance companies. Our legal team offers a free consultation and works on a contingency basis—there are no fees unless you win your case.

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