Finding the Help You Need From Lawyers for Long Term Disability

Finding the right lawyers for long term disability can feel like a challenge. Knowing who to turn to for effective solutions seems difficult, especially if it is your first time dealing with the legal system. Today we talk to Chris about his experience with Share Lawyers.

Chris worked as a web developer, often working long hours at a time without a break. However, many hours spent at the computer contributed to a back injury that he had sustained skiing. Chris was in so much pain that he could not sit for more than 15 minutes at a time without being in excruciating pain.

Chris was terminated before he could apply for long term disability

He took six weeks off from work to recover, after receiving notice that he was accepted for short-term disability benefits. After these six weeks, however, Chris was terminated from his job before he had the opportunity to apply for long-term benefits. He and his wife were unsure of what to do - Chris was out of a job and still needed more time to recover before pursuing new employment.

Chris was frustrated at the prospect of being without a job, and was uncertain about his family’s financial future. His wife found information about the lawyers for long term disability at Share Lawyers online, and they both came in to discuss their case.

It was a very positive and professional experience,” Chris recalled. “We both felt comfortable and at ease. The staff were very helpful whenever we had a question or concern. It went just as we were advised – it was a good experience.”

Share Lawyers established the insurance company must provide benefits

Share Lawyers were able to prove that Chris incurred his injury while he was actively working at his job. Even though his position no longer existed, they were able to establish that the insurance company must provide long-term benefits to Chris and his wife.

“Right from day one we felt we had made the right decision by calling the firm. We were impressed by Steven Muller and the others, and the way he handled everything.”

Chris has made a full recovery and was able to find a new position as a web developer. Share Lawyers is excited to see Chris starting a new job in good health and full happiness!


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