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Why Get Your Doctor To Help You With Your Disability Claim?

The Importance Of Getting Your Doctor To Help With Your Disability Claim

Deny, deny, deny – sometimes it seems like that’s what insurance companies do best when it comes to disability claims. Our firm knows this all too well, as much of our business is based on fighting for the disability benefits our clients deserve after their disability benefit claims have been denied.

If you’re apprehensive about your claim being denied, you should start out by putting your best foot forward. A great way to improve your odds of winning the benefits you deserve is by going in with the right supporting documents, and most importantly, with full support from your doctor. Contact your doctor prior to filing for disability benefits. Here’s why:

The Doctor is the Expert

You know you’re not fit for work, but it is seen as speculation until you have your doctor’s seal of approval. A doctor’s supportive assessments, test results, and recommendations can go a long way in disability claims. They make your decision to not return to work seem reasonable and necessary, and their test results will be there to reinforce their expert medical opinion.

Objective & Subjective Analysis

When an insurance company denies a claim, they ultimately do so based on their subjective assessment of your situation – this is basically speculation about your health. When a claim is denied, our job is to create a strong counter argument rooted in objective scientific fact. Your doctor is invaluable in this process. Doctors are able to strengthen your case by recommending and ordering appropriate tests to demonstrate your claims. Their interpretation of this scientific testing is also necessary, as the insurer may try to manipulate the interpretation of those test results. Your doctor can also refer you to specialists whose analysis can be even more valuable than your GPs in some situations.

They Know Your History

Your doctor may have access to a well-documented history of your health. That medical history can be used to reinforce your claim that your health or ability has declined over time.

Insurance Companies Can Be Ruthless

If you appeal a denied claim for disability benefits, most insurance companies will make it their priority to prove that you are able to work and are ineligible for benefits. They may even go so far as survey your actions and try to document you doing tasks that suggest you are more able than you claim to be.

Without the support of a medical professional, you may find yourself unable to defend your condition. Your doctor is able to provide indisputable evidence that you are unwell or disabled. This is your strongest defence against the insurance company’s vigilant campaign against you.

Your doctor can be your greatest ally in court when it comes to winning the disability benefits you deserve. Let them know what’s happening and ask for the help you need to make your case.

What If Your Doctor Does Not Support Your Claim?

When your doctor doesn’t support your claim for long term disability benefits, what should you do next?

Your doctor’s opinion can be very important in your claim and it can certainly be difficult to get the benefits you deserve without their support, but don’t despair. There are some things you or your lawyer can do to help!

The first thing you should do is find out the reasons why your doctor won’t support your claim. There are many factors that may contribute to their reluctance that don’t necessarily have to do with whether or not they believe you have a legitimate claim.

Some common examples of reasons why a physician may not support your claim for long term disability include:

  • Unclear expectations - doctors may not understand what is expected from them in this process and they may not want to commit to something they see as lengthy and complicated.
  • Personal opinions - some physicians may be reluctant to label a patient as disabled knowing that it may result in the approval of benefits.
  • Lack of time - some doctors may simply be concerned that the process of assisting with a long-term disability claim will take up too much of their time.
  • Money - some doctors may wish to be reasonably compensated for their time in assisting with your claim.
  • Medical opinions about your disability - some physicians may not wish to support your claim because they believe there are no limitations in your ability to work.

Despite their reasons for not supporting your claim, it’s always best to have the opinion of a doctor who has treated you for a long time. Share Lawyers has experience in gathering information from your doctor and in explaining the process, which makes it easier to get the evidence you need to help you win your case!

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