What Should I Do After Being Injured After A Slip And Fall Accident?

Slip & Fall - Question 1
If you have suffered a slip and fall injury resulting from a property owner's negligence, it is critical that you take the following steps to protect your case:
Report the fall to the property owner or one of their employees. Note their full names, the details of your conversation, as well as the name and numbers of all witnesses;
Seek immediate medical care;
Note the exact date, time and location of your fall. Take as many photos as possible of where you fell, the specific cause of your fall (loose carpeting, a spilled drink, etc.), as well as any visible injuries;
Request a copy of the property owner's incident report, which is usually conducted by one of their employees and will include photos taken by them;
Do not answer ANY questions from insurance adjusters, who will call you shortly after your accident on the property owner's behalf in order to disprove your claim;
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