Appealing Your Disability Claim

How Can Share Lawyers Help You Appeal Your Disability Claim?

The disability claim process is stressful, especially when your claim is denied. As you try to appeal the decision, the future of your care and livelihood hang in the balance. Insurance companies often go to great lengths to deny most disability claims. They will even monitor the physical and social media activities of claimants to find evidence to use against them in court.

It doesn’t stop after you win – the insurance company will keep a close eye on you in order to potentially challenge your claim down the line! The process can be quite distressing and weigh heavily on the mind of the claimant.

Many of our clients have been through a lot. Most people just give up. It takes a lot of courage and determination just to pursue a denied claim.

Here at Share Lawyers, we do our best to make the entire claim process comfortable, but we realize that by nature it is a difficult one.

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