How to Apply for Disability in Canada

Managing a disabling injury or chronic illness is difficult in and of itself. When your ability to work is affected, however, the upset to your financial stability makes your circumstances even more difficult. Fortunately, long term and short term disability insurance can bridge the financial gap.

You need to know your options and how to access them, but the pathway is not always straightforward and you may benefit from additional support. If you’re wondering how to apply for disability in British Columbia, Share Lawyers can help.

Need more information on how to apply for disability in British Columbia? Share Lawyers’ experienced and dedicated team can help.

How to Apply for Disability in British Columbia

Disability insurance is a vital safety net that supports your financial security when a severe injury or chronic illness interferes with your ability to work. Despite its crucial role during crises, many Canadians encounter challenges during the process of applying for disability.

We’re dedicated to supporting the residents of British Columbia secure their benefits, so we’ve compiled this list to help you apply for disability.

How to Apply for Disability in British Columbia

1. Review Your Policy

Obtain your disability insurance policy. This document outlines the terms, conditions, and requirements for starting a claim. Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria, waiting periods, and deadlines.

2. Notify Your Employer

Inform your employer promptly once you choose to apply for disability insurance. They can provide the required forms and may provide some helpful next steps.

3. Complete the Initial Forms

Your employer or insurance provider will typically supply claim forms for you to complete. Ensure you fill them out accurately and thoroughly. These forms may ask for information about your medical condition, treatment, and how it affects your ability to work.

4. Medical Documentation

Collect supporting documentation from your healthcare providers, such as:

  • Medical reports

  • Test results

  • Other pertinent documents corroborate your disability

5. Submit Your Claim

Send the completed forms and accompanying documents to the designated address provided by your employer or insurance company. Remember to keep copies of all documents for your records.

6. Follow Up

After submitting your claim, follow up with your employer or the insurance company to confirm they have received it. Stay updated on the status of your claim and ask if any additional information is needed.

7. Insurance Company’s Assessments

The insurance company will assess your claim, review your medical records, and possibly consult healthcare professionals. This process may take some time.

8. Decision & Appeal

Upon reaching a decision, you'll be notified of the outcome. If your claim is denied, you can appeal the decision. However, we recommend seeking legal advice before proceeding.

9. Consult Legal Advice

It is easy to get discouraged, but encountering challenges during the application process is a standard occurrence.

If your claim is denied, seek legal advice from a lawyer specializing in disability law. Share Lawyers can help you explore your options moving forward.

The disability application process is complex and can be overwhelming, especially when you're already experiencing heightened stress due to your disability. That's why seeking guidance from an experienced disability lawyer like Share Lawyers is recommended.

We can help you understand your policy and explore your options, especially since insurance companies often aim to deny claims to avoid payouts.

Share Lawyers Helps Canadians Acquire Their Disability Benefits

Insurance companies often reject valid claims, hoping policyholders won't contest them. Even if you haven’t faced a denial yet, collaborating with a disability lawyer provides a smoother path and increases the likelihood of receiving your benefits sooner.

For over 35 years, Share Lawyers has been helping Canadians obtain the disability benefits they deserve. We understand the stress of being unable to work and are committed to guiding you in the right direction.

We handle all communication with your insurance company, allowing you to focus on your well-being during this challenging time. And the best part? Our consultations are free; you only pay if you receive your disability benefits.

Still wondering how to apply for disability in British Columbia? Share Lawyers is ready to fight for your rights.

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