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Image: Success Story: Thava Ayoub

Success Story: Thava Ayoub

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Thava worked as a labourer at a manufacturing plant in Scarborough, Ontario for over 20 years. Nearing his mid-forties, he considered himself to be relatively healthy - however when he started experiencing chronic chest pain and indigestion, he went to his GP to get checked out.

His doctor concluded the pain and stomach issues were stress related. Afterwards, whenever he experienced chest pains or heartburn he would pop an antacid and take a small break.

One morning at work, he felt a little more tired than usual and was feeling nauseous. Thava started to sweat and felt a tight pressure in his jaw and arms. While loading up a pallet of products to be shipped, Thava passed out. His foreman called 9-1-1.

When Thava arrived at the hospital, the doctors immediately recognized the symptoms - he was having a heart attack. He was immediately given oxygen and nitroglycerin. Thava was prescribed an ACE Inhibitor and was advised to change his diet and lifestyle to prevent further episodes.

After just two weeks off of work, Thava was feeling much better. He contacted his employer about a time he could return to work. Because of the physical component of his job, Thava’s employer did not feel that he was well enough to return so soon. Thava applied for short-term benefits in order to keep on top of his bills. He had started gentle yoga classes to manage stress and began eating healthy meals, and he continued his course of treatment.

After several more weeks, Thava asked again to return to work. His employer was not satisfied that Thava would be well enough, and told him again to wait. Thava began to truly worry. What was he supposed to do? He was only 43 and had many working years left in him. He applied for long term disability - as this was his only option - but the insurance company said he was not sick enough to qualify.

Thava felt totally helpless and was frustrated by this situation. Too sick to work… but not sick enough to get benefits? How could this possibly happen?

While scrolling through Facebook, Thava’s wife saw an ad for Share Lawyers. After watching a video with testimonials from some previous clients, she saw that Thava’s situation was something Share Lawyers could help with. When Thava came to the Share Lawyers office, we assured him he would get the help he needed.

After getting more detailed medical information to support that Thava was unable to return to the type of work he had been doing before his heart attack, we were able to reach a settlement with Thava’s insurance company to get his back benefits and future benefits. We were able to prove he would need the long term disability support as his employer did not think he was fit to work.

Thava was relieved to find he didn’t have to fight this battle on his own. We were so happy to get him a settlement that enabled him to support himself while focusing on his health.

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