What Documents Do Insurance Companies Want For A Medical Disability Appeal?

If your claim has been denied and you are now appealing that denial your insurance company has likely requested additional information to support the claim. Often they will not even consider your appeal unless you provide them with “fresh evidence”. As part of your original application you and your doctor would have filled out forms and it is also common that your primary physician’s clinical notes and records were provided. On appeal, up-to-date clinical records, the records from any hospital or specialists you have attended and copies of diagnostic tests undertaken should also be submitted. However, a narrative report from your specialist or primary physician is often the best evidence on appeal. That report should contain not just your diagnosis and that physician’s opinion on your disability but also a thorough treatment of your symptoms, how they affect your functionality both in and out of the workplace, the treatment you are undertaking and, if available, your prognosis into the future.

However, appeals are often unsuccessful and can take many months. As such, if your claim has been denied we would encourage you to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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