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How Often Do Disability Lawyers Meet with Clients?

With the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic, in-person meetings disappeared completely for a long time. What we learned during COVID is that we can accomplish a lot by taking advantage of technology to meet with clients virtually, over the phone, and now again in person. The amount of contact we have with you as a client is dependent on two things.

  1. In order to represent you properly we need to be able to communicate with you and obtain information to further your case, so we require your assistance and cooperation so that we can do our best to move your case forward to final resolution.

  2. Some clients want more contact than others, so the 2nd factor is how much contact you need to feel comfortable with the progress of your case or so that we can answer any questions you have along the way. In order to provide the best service, we do our best to take your own need-to-know into consideration. Some people need more contact and some need less.

By using up-to-date case management software and all the other tools that modern technology has to offer, we can stay on top of your case and make sure that we have your information at our fingertips when necessary. With virtual tools like Zoom, we are able to schedule video conferences and also use the phone to keep in touch with you. We use electronic documents and email to speed up the process of getting information both to you and from you. We also use online document signup software when we start working on your case and also when the case is settled to be as efficient as possible.


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