How Long Does An Insurer Have To Respond To My Doctor's Letter?

Long Term Disability - Question 17
When it comes to disability claims, there is no set time for the insurance company to respond to your doctor’s letter. In the absence of a specific deadline, insurance companies should behave in accordance with reasonable business practices. If they are taking an inordinate time to respond, you can always try to contact a supervisor to complain about the delays, although you may not get a satisfactory response to that either. It is important to remember that your claim is subject to deadlines that apply to your submission of information to the insurance company and you want to ensure that delays by the insurance company don’t result in a deadline or limitation period that applies to you expiring. If you are concerned that claim handling is being dragged out and you don’t get any satisfactory responses from a supervisor or manager, you should contact a disability insurance lawyer to discuss the specifics of your case.

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