How Bad Does My Depression Have To Be To Qualify For Disability Benefits?

Long Term Disability - Question13
The severity of your depression or other symptoms that you may be experiencing must prevent you from being able to perform the essential duties of your job, and in some cases, any job for which you have the required education, skill and experience. If you are having trouble concentrating, are fatigued to the point that it has negatively impacted on your ability to perform your job in accordance with your employer’s expectations, you should seriously discuss taking time off work with your treating physicians to determine whether they will support you taking time off of work. Without the support of own treating physicians and health care providers, you won’t have much success in persuading a disability insurance company that you are entitled to disability benefits. Even where you have such support, the insurance company may still not be satisfied. At this point you should contact our office to discuss your options in pursuing your claim.

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