Can An Employer Deny An Employee Access To Their Insurance Benefits?

Long Term Disability - Question 34
An employer should not deny you access to insurance benefits. If your employer has benefits and you are participating in the program there is no reason for an employer to prevent you from submitting a claim. We have encountered many situations in which employers have refused to provide the necessary forms for various reasons. We have seen employers refuse to provide forms when there is already an ongoing Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claim, or the employer feels that you are not disabled and that no claim should be submitted. If you believe you should be submitting a claim and an employer is refusing to co-operate, you should insist on being provided with the necessary forms, as it is your right to submit a claim. If the employer persists in refusing to provide you with the necessary forms or guidance with respect to how to submit a claim, you should consider consulting a lawyer who may be able to assist.

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