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Image: Success Story: Jason Campbell

Success Story: Jason Campbell

*Names have been fictionalized to protect the privacy of our clients.

Jason is a 49 year old sous chef who has worked hard at a local 4-star restaurant for over 10 years in Saskatoon, gradually rising through the ranks. The restaurant’s executive chef is planning to retire in the next year. When his boss retires, Jason has been informed that he will take his place as executive chef of the restaurant - a goal he’s worked towards his entire career.

Disabling symptoms begin

Jason started experiencing some pain in his joints a few years ago. The pain began one night several years earlier when he stayed at work late to fix the oven. He began to experience knee pain the next day; his feet felt like they were on fire and he began to get tired much earlier than usual. For a long time, painkillers and alleviating creams helped, but now, Jason’s hands and feet started to ache consistently and his wrists began to swell.

Jason had a consultation with a specialist and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Because it was in its early stages, his Rheumatologist advised Jason to take some time off work and undergo treatment. Jason planned to use his time wisely, take care of himself, and seek treatment, so that he could hopefully return to the kitchen. His goal was to come back to work healthy and ready to take on his promotion.

Jason applied for benefits

To take the time off he needed to seek treatment and prevent joint damage, Jason applied for short term disability and started receiving benefits. However, as time went on, Jason was finding it hard to hold onto things. He had no idea how he would go back to work in his condition, let alone take on the executive chef role.

It was then that Jason applied for long term disability benefits. Jason’s insurance company denied his claim because he had mentioned in the past that he planned to go back to work in the near future.

Jason was devastated and unsure of how he would support himself financially during his absence from work. Jason’s sister recommended that he contact Share Lawyers. She had heard about the firm from someone she knew who had been in a similar situation and had also recently seen their TV commercial.

Share Lawyers' disability lawyers helped Jason

Jason hired Share Lawyers and together they fought to get his claim approved. Share Lawyers made him feel that he was being listened to and that he had a legitimate case against the insurance company. A settlement was reached which would help him take care of himself as he learned how to manage his arthritis. Jason will never go back to being a chef, but he is now able to think about other options for his future.

Denied your long term disability claim?

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