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Success Story: Everett Tomas

For Everett, stomach pain was nothing new. He was first diagnosed with Crohn’s disease when he was 14. By the time he was 39, he had been through several surgeries and countless doctor’s appointments. He felt like he had spent half of his life in a waiting room or a recovery bed but for the most part, he was able to manage well enough to go about his business as a Fund Manager with a firm downtown. Unfortunately, some days were worse than others. When his symptoms flared, the pain could be debilitating, and the diarrhea only added to his embarrassment. He often called in sick to avoid sharing his condition with his coworkers because the pain and regular bathroom visits made it nearly impossible to concentrate on work. That put him in a difficult situation when his Crohn’s took a turn for the worse. In the past, his relapses seldom lasted more than a day or two and were rare enough to avoid any awkward conversations. Now he was flaring up with far more frequency, which kept him out of the office for days and weeks at a time. He tried working remotely when he could but he was running out of sick days and people in the office were beginning to notice. Meanwhile, Everett had no idea when the symptoms would subside. The tricks he used to mitigate the effects of the disease no longer seemed to be effective. Until he knew why – and he might never know – he had no timetable for his return to work. Out of desperation, Everett filed a long term disability claim after he used his final sick day. Everett had been reticent to take such a drastic step but it seemed like the only way he’d get the time he needed to get his condition under control. His desperation turned to panic when the insurance company rejected Everett’s claim. They argued that his Crohn’s was not severe enough to keep him away from work, ignoring the fact that his symptoms could be so unpredictable that he couldn’t spend more than ten minutes sitting at his desk. Everett knew he was too ill to go into the office but with his disability claim denied, he didn’t feel he had any other option. Luckily for Everett, his neighbour saw a Share Lawyers video on Instagram and decided to forward it to him. Everett called and scheduled a consultation, and was thrilled to learn that his Crohn’s gave him legitimate grounds for a disability claim. Share Lawyers was able to help him gather the extensive medical records he had accrued over the course of 25 years with Crohn’s. They knew exactly what he needed from his doctors, using his various surgeries and treatments to document the history of his condition. The evidence gave Everett a much stronger case as he moved to have the insurance company’s decision overturned. Thanks to Share Lawyers, he’s finally in a position to receive the benefits he deserves. *All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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