When to Apply for Long Term Disability

When injuries, medical conditions, or mental health issues affect your ability to work, the timing of your application for long term disability benefits is crucial. After 35 years of specializing in disability law, we can provide compassionate advice so that you can proceed with confidence.

Wondering when to apply for long term disability? Share Lawyers’ experienced long-term disability lawyers can help you understand your options.

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When to Apply for Long Term Disability: Early Application is Key

One of the most important factors is the timing of your application. If you’re suffering from an illness or injury that prevents you from working, apply for LTD benefits as soon as possible.

Timing is Key
1. Apply as early as possible when you’re unable to work.
2. Early application allows for ample time for the approval process.
3. There is usually a waiting period known as the “elimination period” before benefits kick in.

Applying for long term disability is a big decision, but you’re not doing yourself any favours by waiting. Get started so you can get your benefits as soon as possible.

Assess Your Condition

These benefits are usually reserved for conditions that last weeks to months. When timing your long term disability application, consider the severity and expected duration of your condition. Your doctor can help you assess your condition and provide the necessary documentation needed to support your claim, your condition, and its impact on your ability to work.

Assessing Your Condition
1. Long term disability benefits are typically for conditions expected to last several weeks to months.
2. Consult with your medical professional to assess the severity and duration of your condition.
3. Open and honest discussions with your medical professional are crucial for documenting your condition's impact on your ability to work.

Understand Your Policy

Policies vary in definitions of disability, waiting periods, and coverage amounts. Thoroughly review your policy and consult with a legal professional if needed.

Understanding Your Policy
1. Policies vary in definitions of disability, waiting periods, and coverage amounts.
2. Thoroughly review your policy to understand its terms.
3. Consult with a legal professional like Share Lawyers if any aspects are unclear.

At Share Lawyers, we guide you through disability benefits and determine the best time to apply. You don’t have to navigate this alone because we will offer compassionate guidance and support.

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