Disability Denied. Now What?

What To Do After Your Long Term Disability Claim Is Denied

When you are unable to work due to an illness or disability, long term disability benefits can be a crucial lifeline. However, the claim process is often complex, leading to denials that can be disheartening and stressful.

If you find yourself facing a long term disability denial, it's important to remember that this is not the end of the road. There are several steps that you can take to appeal this decision and turn things around. This guide will walk you through the steps to take after your long term disability claim is denied to help you navigate this challenging situation.

Step 1: Take a deep breath. You are not alone

In this video, we explain why fighting back after your long term disability claim is denied is your best option.

We understand that you've been facing a series of challenges. Your health has taken a toll, preventing you from working, and now your insurance company, who was supposed to support you in your time of need, has decided not to pay your disability benefits. These benefits were meant to provide you with the financial support you need to focus on regaining your health and rebuilding your life. It's truly unfortunate that your insurance provider has failed to fulfill its promise.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny legitimate claims for long term disability benefits, with up to 60% of claims being denied. It's simply how they make money - by denying claims. They ideally want to avoid paying out on your claim. Please remember that the denial of your long term disability claim is not a personal attack; it's merely business. We truly understand the frustration you must be facing, and we're here to help.

Step 2: Contact us to help if your long term disability claim is denied

If you've had your long term disability claim denied, don't wait to get in touch with us to discuss your personal situation. We'll provide guidance on the information we need and ensure you understand all of the options available to you.

In a free consultation with our experienced team, we'll honestly assess your situation to determine if you have a case. We understand that you have questions, and we'll take the time to address them thoroughly. When you're ready, we'll hit the ground running. Once you decide to have us represent you, we'll start working on your case immediately.

Over the past 35+ years, we've helped more than 8,000 Canadians win the disability benefits they deserve, and we can help you too.

Step 3: Focus on your health

While we handle your denied disability claim, it's crucial for you to focus on your health. Pursuing a denied disability claim can be stressful, but remember that your primary goal is to regain your well-being. Continue your medical appointments, follow your treatment plans, and do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Evidence of ongoing treatment also strengthens your disability claim. Don't allow the denial of your claim to deter you from prioritizing your health. You have our support every step of the way as we strive to secure the benefits you deserve.

During the negotiation of your claim, insurance companies often resort to surveillance in an attempt to gather evidence that could potentially disqualify your claim. It's crucial to be aware that you may be under their watchful eye. This surveillance can take various forms, ranging from video footage and online monitoring to the involvement of private investigators. They will be meticulously scrutinizing any discrepancies between the activities you claim and your actual behavior. For instance, if you've stated that you're unable to work, but are later observed jogging or performing strenuous tasks, this could significantly harm your claim. It's of utmost importance to maintain consistency and honesty when describing your abilities and limitations. By staying mindful of this potential surveillance, you can effectively safeguard yourself from inadvertently undermining your own claim.

Denied your long term disability claim?

Contact a disability lawyer at Share Lawyers today and put our experience to work for you. Our 35+ years of experience can help you win your case against Canada Life, Desjardins, Manulife, RBC Insurance, Sun Life, and other insurance companies. Our legal team offers a free consultation with no fees unless you win your case.

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