What Can an Employment Lawyer Do For Me?

Most people know that employees possess rights in their relationships with employers. When disputes arise, however, employees may need an employment lawyer's assistance to ensure their rights are protected. To help you make informed decisions, we’ll cover what you need to know regarding employment lawyers and workplace disputes.

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What Can an Employment Lawyer Do for Me?

If you’re facing a potential workplace dispute, you’ve likely asked yourself, “What can an employment lawyer do for me”? Employment lawyers serve two main functions: advice and representation.

Employment Lawyer as an Advisor

An employment lawyer can advise you when you wish to deal directly with your employer rather than through an intermediary. Advice can be as simple as answering some of your questions, but it can also involve much more extensive coaching and “ghost-writing” from behind the scenes.

For instance, you might retain an employment lawyer for the following advisory functions.

Employment Lawyer Advisory Functions

1. Review and advise on an employment contract, workplace policies, promotions, etc

2. Review and advise on a severance offer

3. Coach you through a workplace dispute

You may not know how an employment lawyer can help or what questions to ask. We offer a free consultation so let our team here at Share Lawyers support you.

Employment Lawyer as Representative

When a disagreement at work takes a legal turn, bringing in an employment lawyer to represent you is crucial. It's only advisable for an employment lawyer to step in as your representative if there has been a significant breakdown in the employment relationship.

Once you've hired an employment lawyer as your representative, it's advisable to route all future work-related communication through them. We will send a letter to your employer, requesting them to channel all future correspondence and inquiries through our office.

An employment lawyer can provide a representative role in the following scenarios.

Employment Lawyer Representative Functions

1. Represent you when your employment has been terminated

2. Represent you when your employment relationship has become unsalvageable

3. Represent you to pursue your entitlements under a contract

4. Represent you to pursue your employment standards entitlements

5. Represent you where your rights as an employee have been violated

What an Employment Lawyer Cannot Do for You

There are limits to what an employment lawyer can accomplish on your behalf. The following scenarios are those in which an employment lawyer typically cannot help you.

What an Employment Lawyer Can’t Help With

1. Represent you in day-to-day employment matters

Non-union employees do not have the right to file grievances for everyday work issues. While an employment lawyer can guide you on your rights and strategies, handling these matters is typically your responsibility

2. Force your employer to treat you better

Employment lawyers typically step in when your employment relationship has or is ending. While they can assist in asserting your rights in challenging situations, repairing working relationships is usually beyond the scope of their assistance

3. Force your employer to terminate you

Termination pay or severance is generally not applicable until an actual termination occurs. Without a termination, you and your lawyer have limited leverage to request such compensation

4. Get your job back

With some notable exceptions, once your employment has been terminated, your employment lawyer will not be able to get you your job back. Instead, your employment lawyer will focus on getting you the best possible settlement in the circumstances

5. Guarantee a quick settlement

The legal system can be powerful and remedies for employer wrongdoing can be extensive. However, the legal process is slow by nature and can be slower if your employer intends to delay the proceedings

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