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At Share Lawyers we know that living with a disability, sometimes from an injury, is very difficult and that in an ideal world, the disabled would be given the benefits they deserve without question. Unfortunately, insurance companies often fight tooth and nail to deny disability claims, and those dealing with self-employed disability insurance denials can be at risk.

We go out of our way to ensure that from the moment you meet with us you are well taken care of by our lawyers and legal support team and we do our best to make sure the legal process ahead is as quick and painless for you as possible when you're dealing with a self-employed disability insurance denials.

Sam's injury led to an ongoing disability

We recently heard from our client Sam, who had a serious injury in a boating accident last year, which led to an ongoing disability, and a self-employed disability insurance denial. Sam was unable to return to his physically demanding job in construction. His insurance company denied his claim for disability benefits and Sam found himself unemployed and hurt. Thankfully for Sam, his girlfriend saw a TV commercial for Share Lawyers. Sam paid us a visit and we took on his case and moved quickly.

To help Sam start his journey to recovery from his injury, we quickly put his mind to rest. We knew he had a strong case and that we would win the benefits he deserved. Managing Sam’s case as much as possible to ensure that he could use his time to take care of himself was important to us. We won Sam’s case and were delighted to see this glowing review from him on our Facebook page:

“The headache and upset caused by the insurance company was lifted the day I met with Share Lawyers. They were a great help and any assistance was quick and simplified. Awesome—they made it all easy.”

To us, Sam’s feedback is ideal. Thanks to our team, Sam was able to focus on what really mattered—recovery. Now that he's on the other side of his self-employed disability insurance denial, he let us know that recovering now:

“I’m happy it is all dealt with and I can now freely live life and concentrate on recovery.”

Knowing someone is working hard to defend your rights is powerful

Knowing that someone is working hard to defend your rights is powerful. Making our clients comfortable and confident is always our priority. Sam was kind enough to endorse us to friends and family: “I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others!”

We are delighted that, thanks to our team, Sam was able to spend his time healing, rather than stuck embroiled in legal proceedings. We wish him all the best.


Denied your long term disability claim?

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