Virtual Care for Long COVID Shows Promise

In the Globe & Mail on Friday, March 10, Health Reporter Carly Weeks published an article, “At a virtual long-COVID clinic, patients across Ontario access care and find support”.

The Providence Healthcare long COVID program provides people from all over Ontario with access to important resources, recognition and validation that their suffering is real. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians are living with the condition. Through weekly online educational sessions and tailored rehabilitation plans, patients are taught strategies to look after themselves and provided with a platform to connect with one another and share stories. This program offers vital care for those enduring long COVID, aiming to ensure equitable access for all vulnerable communities.

Our long term disability lawyers have noticed that those managing the symptoms of long COVID often feel abandoned due to the lack of treatments and confusion around making a diagnosis. To address this need, clinics such as Providence Healthcare have been set up to provide patients with important resources, validation and recognition that their suffering is real. Research has suggested that a rehabilitative approach may provide some relief while helping combat misinformation around the condition. These efforts are essential in providing much-needed support to those affected by long COVID.

Our long term disability lawyers have seen first-hand the impact of long COVID - both an increase in the amount of long term disability claims for long COVID and in denied long term disability claims for long COVID. Like many other invisible and subjectively diagnosed conditions, insurance companies often deny claims that do not have objective medical proof. We don’t think this is right, and will continue to fight back against the insurance companies who are not taking these conditions seriously.

Read the entire article here.

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