Urge Senators to Pass a Stronger Bill C-22

Over the last week, the Senate Committee studying Bill C-22 voted to include some extremely important amendments.

The amendments adopted were:

  1. Ensure private insurance companies do not claw-back the disability benefit from anyone eligible;
  2. Provide the right to appeal a decision of ineligibility or the amount of the benefit received;
  3. Set a timeline of twelve (12) months for particular regulations to be developed in order to ensure there is no undue delay of the benefit reaching people who need it; and
  4. Require important factors such as the additional costs of living with a disability and intersectionality be considered when developing regulations concerning the amount of the Canada Disability Benefit.

On April 27, 2023, the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology, passed an amendment to Bill C-22 that Steven Muller, Share Lawyers Vice President, has been urging the Senators to adopt; it prevents insurance companies from taking the benefit provided by Bill C-22 that is supposed to be for disabled Canadians. You can learn all about Bill C-22 and its impact here.

There is still a real concern that the amendments will be defeated in the Senate Chamber at third reading. We can't let this happen.

Now the entire Senate will vote on whether or not to adopt these amendments. We are worried that pressure to pass the Bill quickly will lead Senators to reject these incredibly important protections.

If you want to see a stronger Bill C-22 with basic and minimum protections, Senators need to hear from you TODAY! Timing is critical since the Senate could vote on the Bill as early as this Thursday, May 11, 2023.

What to say in your email

In your email, please make clear that:

- You support the proposed amendment to Bill C-22 that was passed in the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science & Technology

- You agree with the findings of the Standing Senate Committee that insurance companies should not take the Canadian Disability Benefit from disabled Canadians - it is not a Benefit if you can never receive it!

- You strongly urge Senators to vote in favour of Bill C-22 amendment

All Senator contact info can be found at: https://lnkd.in/gxu2YjVh.

An even easier way to contact Senators

The Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC) and the ARCH Disability Law Centre have shared a pre-written letter to sign and send to Senators. You can see that letter here.

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