Tricky Kidneys: Talia’s Story

As a copywriter, Talia had never been particularly concerned about her health. Sure, she took the occasional sick day, but hers was not a physically demanding profession and she had never worried that her health would ever prevent her from doing her job.

Then she experienced a sudden unexpected bout of abdominal pain when she was 32. The pain came on without any warning and was so severe that Talia went to the emergency room to make sure it wasn’t something serious. The doctors at her Vancouver hospital conducted several rounds of tests and were eventually able to determine that there was something wrong with her kidneys, but were otherwise unable to make a conclusive diagnosis.

Talia went through more tests the following day and even tried to get back to her regular life while she waited for the results. Unfortunately, her flare-ups only became more intense, to the point that it was virtually impossible to concentrate on anything else when things got bad. She knew she wasn’t as effective as she should be when she was at her desk and decided to file a short-term disability claim in the hopes that her doctors would be able to use that time to figure out what was wrong.

Sadly, the doctors still hadn’t identified the problem when Talia’s short-term benefits ran out. She knew that she was still in too much pain to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of her job, so she escalated to a long-term disability claim based on her ongoing symptoms. Talia had extensive documentation of her many tests and medical appointments, all of which proved that her condition was real and was causing her significant physical distress. She didn’t think there was any way her insurance provider could question the legitimacy of her claim.

It, therefore. came as quite a shock when Talia’s claim was rejected, specifically because she did not have an official diagnosis. The insurance company argued that it had no obligation to cover a claim for an unknown condition, and left Talia without any other source of income.

That’s when Talia saw an ad for Share Lawyers while she was looking up disability information online. She called and was elated when Share Lawyers agreed to take her case, telling her that the fact that the doctors had not identified the problem did not mean that her pain was not real, and that there was sufficient evidence to fight her claim.

For Talia, it was a relief to know that someone was taking her seriously. Share Lawyers recognized that her condition was genuine and was causing intense pain and discomfort that made her physically unable to work. They were also able to make that argument at mediation thereby getting the insurance company to acknowledge her claim and pay all her back benefits and benefits into the future.

Thanks to Share Lawyer’s help, Talia has now received the long-term disability benefits she deserved. Her doctors are optimistic that they will soon be able to help Talia on the road to recovery!

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