Can You Travel on Short Term Disability in Canada?

Being on disability shouldn’t stop you from remaining active in your personal life. A disability can affect your work without impacting other aspects of your life. People with disabilities can engage in various activities outside the home, including travel. Before you book your tickets, however, you need to understand whether your travel plans can affect your short term disability benefits.

Can you travel on short term disability in Canada? Share Lawyers’ experienced disability lawyers can help you understand your situation.

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Can You Travel on Short Term Disability in Canada?

When considering traveling while receiving disability benefits, exercise caution as it could impact your benefits. Ensure you fully understand your situation before making any plans.

Typically, if your doctor approves, you can travel without affecting your benefits. However, you should review your insurance policy to understand how your provider handles travel.

Short term disability insurance policies vary in travel regulations, as do providers. Some require notification for all travel, others only for international trips.

Limits may apply to duration or provincial travel.

Tips on How to Protect Short Term Disability Benefits When You Travel

1. Check your short term disability policy thoroughly before travelling to ensure it won't negatively impact your benefits.

2. Some policies may have specific conditions related to travel, such as:

  • Advanced notice for the insurer
  • Permissible travel destinations
  • Timing and duration of travel
  • Reasons for travel
  • Frequency of travel
  • Activities allowed while travelling

3. Obtain medical clearance from your doctor before travelling, even for regular family vacations, to ensure safety.

4. Whenever possible, obtain medical clearance in writing, which may include a form provided by your policy.

5. Ensure that your doctor’s note confirms travel safety, any restrictions, and assurance that the trip won't disrupt ongoing treatment.

6. Inform your short-term disability case manager about your planned travel to ensure it complies with policy rules, and provide contact information during the trip.

Seek medical clearance from your doctor before any trip, even a family vacation, regardless of what your policy states. Obtain written clearance whenever possible and notify your case manager after receiving clearance to travel to ensure you're following the rules and to provide contact details during travel.

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Can you travel on short term disability in Canada? Share Lawyers provides the guidance you need.

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