Top Concerns We Hear in an Initial Consult

When you’re making a disability insurance claim, you may feel like you're all alone in being denied the benefits that are owed to you. The sad reality is that getting your disability insurance benefits can be a very complicated and frustrating experience, so when clients have a first consultation with us there are a number of common top concerns that we hear repeatedly.

Common Concerns From Clients:

1. Clients want to know that they are being represented by a law firm that understands what they’re going through.
For example, if you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, it may feel like no one is taking your condition seriously. We can assure you that we handle many cases involving clients managing medical conditions that are poorly understood or “invisible” to the eye, and we understand how best to present your case when it seems that the insurance company just can’t or won’t listen to the reasons you are unable to work.

2. Clients want to know that their law firm will be responsive to their questions and that they will hear back from us in a timely manner.
You want to know that we handle many cases with confidence, but you also want to feel like a priority. At Share Lawyers, we pride ourselves on getting back to our clients within 24 hours of being contacted. We do our best to deliver on this so that you can feel calm and at ease.

3. Clients are often concerned about how much the process will cost and want to understand if they can afford to hire a lawyer.
At Share Lawyers, as we don’t get paid until your case settles, you don’t have to come up with any money upfront, and we make sure that you are given a clear idea of how much money you will receive before you finalize your settlement. Also, if we don’t recover any money for you, you do not pay any legal fees to us.

4. Many clients worry that their case will take years to conclude.
When you do not have any funds coming in and you must somehow survive and pay your bills, facing a long legal process sounds overwhelming to many of our clients. Disability denial cases do take time, but rest assured that we move your case along as quickly as possible, at the same time ensuring that we are obtaining the best possible result for you. Going back to work solely out of financial necessity, when you are really not well enough to return to work, may be a short term solution that you will come to regret. These are difficult discussions we have with clients all the time and returning to work before you are ready could result in you losing your job and then not having any benefits to rely on.

These are some of the top concerns we hear in initial consultations with new clients. If you have concerns that aren't mentioned above, please contact us as we will be happy to discuss your top concerns to see if we can assist you with your disability insurance claim.

Denied your disability benefits but not yet ready to talk? You can read more on our Denied Disability Benefits page.

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