Overcoming the Impossible: How Share Lawyers Helped Thava Secure His Disability Claim After a Sudden Illness

Thava had worked hard his entire life and never imagined he'd be unable to continue working due to health issues. Unfortunately, his long term disability benefits were denied, leaving him feeling helpless and scared about how he would support himself and his family. That's when he turned to disability law firm Share Lawyers for help getting the disability benefits he needed.

With over 35 years of experience helping Canadians who have been denied benefits by their insurance company, the long term disability lawyers at Share Lawyers are committed to providing clients like Thava with compassionate advice and assistance in navigating their claims in the disability insurance process for the best possible outcome. We offer a free consultation with an LTD lawyer and there are no fees unless you win.

A long term disability lawyer understands the physical, emotional, and financial hardships that come with being denied long term disability benefits, which is why our law firm is dedicated to ensuring our clients get the financial security they deserve.

After years of hard work and dedication to his job, Thava suddenly found himself in an impossible situation. He had become severely ill, leaving him unable to work and earn a living. Unfortunately, his insurance company refused his employee disability benefits, leaving Thava with no income and little hope for the future. He could not believe that his insurance company denied him after so many years paying into the policy. Fortunately, he turned to Share Lawyers for help.

We were able to take over his case, providing him with legal assistance and support in order to get back what he deserved - a successful disability claim that would give him time away from work to rest and recover. Throughout the disability claim process, we worked tirelessly to ensure that Thava received the maximum amount of compensation available to him in his disability insurance policy. Through our unwavering commitment and dedication, Thava was ultimately able to secure the benefits he was entitled to.

Thava's Disability Story

Thava worked at a manufacturing plant in Scarborough, Ontario for over 20 years and was relatively healthy until he began having chest pains and indigestion. Upon visiting his GP, it was concluded that the pain and stomach issues were stress related. He started taking antacid tablets whenever he felt these recurring symptoms and took the time to relax when necessary.

Thava's morning at work started like any other, but his coworker quickly noticed something was wrong. He seemed to be more tired than usual and was moving slower than normal. As he labored through his job, Thava began to feel more nauseous by the minute and sweat profusely while noticing a tight pressure in his jaw and arms. Things quickly turned dire as Thava passed out while loading pallets of products. His foreman jolted into action, calling 9-1-1 for medical help.

Thava Suffered a Heart Attack

When Thava arrived at the hospital, the doctors immediately recognized the symptoms - he was having a heart attack. He was immediately given oxygen and nitroglycerin. The 9-1-1 call from work saved his life, and after a few days in the hospital Thava was prescribed an ACE Inhibitor and was advised to change his diet and lifestyle to prevent further episodes.

After several weeks of rest, Thava felt like he was well enough to return to work. His employer had other ideas, fearing that the physical labor associated with Thava's job could harm his health. This left Thava in a difficult situation, so he applied for disability benefits to manage the bills while he took off more time to recover. He took up yoga classes and worked on meal planning with his wife in order to manage his stress and health.

After several more weeks, Thava asked again to return to work. His employer was not satisfied that Thava was well enough, and told him again to wait. Thava began to truly worry. What was he supposed to do? He was only 43 and had many working years left in him. He applied for long term disability benefits - as this was his only option - but his disability insurance company sent him a denial letter, saying said he was not sick enough to qualify.

Feeling Too Sick To Work, but Denied Long Term Disability Benefits

Thava was feeling helpless and frustrated. Sick enough to not be able to work, yet unable to receive long term disability benefits - it seemed that he had run out of options. His coworkers told him that his company had hired a replacement for him full-time. Disheartened and unsure what to do next, Thava's wife came across an ad for the disability lawyers at Share Lawyers while scrolling through Facebook. The video she saw showed previous clients who'd gone through similar experiences to Thava's, and the information gave her hope that they could help her husband secure his long term disability claims too. They called in for a free consultation and were surprised at how easy it was and how comfortable they felt talking to a long term disability lawyer.

When they called in to speak with a disability lawyer, Thava felt reassured that there was still something he could do to fight back against his insurance company. We made sure he knew we were here by keeping in touch via phone and online regularly and answered all his questions promptly. We also took over all communication with his disability insurer. With the guidance of Share Lawyers, Thava finally felt that he'd be able to get the disability benefits he needed.

Share Lawyers Proved Need For Long Term Disability Support

After getting more detailed medical evidence to support why Thava was unable to return to the type of work he had been doing before his heart attack, and filing a lawsuit in the courts, an experienced disability lawyer at Share Lawyers was able to reach a settlement with his insurance company. This settlement not only provided Thava with back benefits but also enabled him to have consistent disability payments in the future, for as long as he was still recovering. Providing Thava with the disability support he needed was such an incredible satisfaction for our entire team.

In this video, President Davis Share explains how our long term disability lawyers fight back to get you your long term disability benefits.

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