Steven Muller Accepts the 2023 John A. McLeish Award

On Thursday, April 20, 2023, Steven Muller, Share Lawyers VP of Litigation, was awarded the 2023 John A. McLeish Award. The Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association (OTLA) recognized Muller for his outstanding contribution to advocating for the rights of Canadians living with disabilities.

Steven Muller Acepts the 2023 John A. McLeish Award
Laura Hillyer, Past OTLA President presents Steven Muller with the John A. McLeish Award. Photo provided by OTLA.

Recently, Muller identified that there is room for improvement in Bill C-22. The Canada Disability Benefit is intended to provide additional assistance to those already receiving other benefits, such as disability benefits from a private insurer. Muller has proposed a 10-word change to the Bill, supported by many groups, and argues that this benefit should be given on top of any existing insurance benefits for those with disabilities. He is protecting our clients, taxpayers and the government from having insurers profit at the expense of the disabled.

Every year, the Ontario Trial Lawyer’s Association (OTLA) canvasses their membership to find outstanding advocates for the support of injured or disabled people in Ontario. This year, Muller has been co-awarded this prestigious honour with fellow OTLA member Lawyer Richard Shekter.

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