Share Lawyers Works As A Team To Help You: Giuliana's Experience

At Share Lawyers we are here to work as a team to ensure your entire experience with us leaves you feeling fully informed, supported, and confident. Many of our clients struggling with their long term disability claims feel the stress and time consuming nature taking away from when they should be focusing on their health. Don’t fight this yourself! Share Lawyers is here with the expertise to help you through this process.

For our clients like Giuliana, we are always so thrilled to know we were able to help with their case, and provide the information, resources, and comfort they need.

Recently, Giuliana shared her experience with us after her long term disability case was denied after she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

First Impressions

At Share Lawyers we always want to make sure the moment we start the conversation with you, that you feel you are taken care of. When Giuliana first came to us, she was feeling overwhelmed and scared at the prospect of not being able to work and without benefits.

“I first dealt with Janice Grevler and she was awesome. She was super helpful and took my case on with confidence and always kept me in the loop. Janice always responded to any email or voicemail in a timely manner and was extremely reliable. She made sure to contact me ahead of time before going on mat. leave and got me familiar with Shoshana Sandberg so it wasn't a surprise when she left. Shoshana was awesome. She was really kind and empathetic to my situation.”

Just like with all of our clients, we wanted to make sure that Giuliana always felt like she could reach out and talk with us, and ensure she had the resources she needed.

“Even when I was literally almost out of all resources, Shoshana got me set up with people to contact for a litigation loan. Everything worked out and she walked me through almost everything. Shoshana was absolutely fantastic to deal with. She made me feel at ease during the most stressful time in my life. She was always super nice anytime I talked to her even though I was probably the most annoying client sending her countless e-mails of updates of my declining health.”

More Than Money

Giuliana had a positive experience as the case continued, with Brad Pleavin stepping in. Brad is one of our Share Lawyers team responsible for conducting examinations for discovery, settlement negotiations, mediations and appearing before the courts and tribunals.

“Brad Pleavin was the other lawyer on my behalf. He was so level headed and calm during discovery. It was really awesome to see him in action. He knows his job forwards and backwards and had a response to everything the lawyer for the other side had to say. Many times, he left her at a loss for words or left her flipping back through all her notes to come up with a response. Honestly, it was like watching suits lol. He was awesome and made me feel like I had full confidence in my lawyer. He also kept me calm during discovery even though I felt like I was dying. I was able tell them my side and share how much this illness has affected my life.”

Ultimately Giuliana and the Share Lawyers team know that these cases are “about more than just money... it’s about making things right.” We are thrilled that Giuliana feels that “Brad did just that.”

Final Impression

At the end of the case, our clients often feel validated and relieved to have the compensation they need to carry on with their lives. It’s hard for us to explain what Share Lawyers does better than Giuliana did:

“Overall, Share Lawyers was absolutely awesome to deal with. The customer service from all the staff was above what was expected. I truly appreciate you guys going to bat for me with such a complicated case. The entire time I felt supported and like I could count on your team. So thank you again so much for having me as a client. I would absolutely recommend your firm to anyone and everyone.”

We are always thrilled to hear when our clients are happy with our service. It was so great to be able to help Giuliana!

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