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The disability claim process is stressful, especially when your claim is denied. As you try to appeal the decision, the future of your care and livelihood hang in the balance. Insurance companies often go to great lengths to deny most disability claims. They will even monitor the physical and social media activities of claimants to find evidence to use against them in court.

It doesn't stop after you win - the insurance company will keep a close eye on you in order to potentially challenge your claim down the line! The process can be quite distressing and weigh heavily on the mind of the claimant.

Many of our clients have been through a lot. Most people just give up. It takes a lot of courage and determination just to pursue a denied claim.

We spoke with a couple of our clients, Agnes and Mark, to find out what helped them keep calm and persevere when things were difficult.

Agnes' Disability Claim:

Agnes is a 43-year-old former accountant. After working for 15 years at a large firm, she developed nerve damage and was in too much pain to focus on her work. She began to fall behind and her employer threatened to let her go.

Agnes knew she couldn't keep up, so she investigated her short-term disability coverage options in the hopes of taking some time off work to seek treatment and recover. She filed a claim with the company's insurer and it was denied.

She reached out to Share Lawyers for help and we gladly took on her case. Her insurer fought tooth and nail to prove she was able to work - but we won.

Agnes confided in us that she was under tremendous stress during the process because her employer was unsympathetic and the insurer invaded her privacy. She managed to get through it with a lot of grace and integrity. We asked her for her best advice for other people in a similar situation. She told us:

“I have found yoga and meditation helps clear some stress and tension. It really helped me keep my head up.”

Excellent Advice

We think her advice is excellent and recommend making a habit of any activity that gets you out of your head and calms you down. Our favourites are yoga, tai chi, qigong, meditation, and prayer if you are religious.

If you don't want to commit to a zen routine, you can find other ways to cope with the stress.

Mark's Disability Claim:

Mark is a single dad who had an accident at the factory where he worked. He could barely walk after the accident, let alone operate industrial equipment - which is what he was expected to do daily on the job.

He filed a claim with his insurance company, but it was denied.

Terrified that he would not be able to provide for his children, Mark came to Share Lawyers. He was intimidated by the legal system and the claim process when we first met. His insurance company even hired an investigator to keep tabs on Mark to try to prove that his injuries were not as serious as he claimed.

The case dragged out over several months, but Mark always managed to keep his chin up. We asked if anything helped him get through it. He replied:

“I felt weak in every way so I looked for things that might inspire a fight in me. I got into legal TV and movies. In no particular order, I enjoyed Criminal Minds, Law & Order (SVU), Forensic Files, Erin Brockovich, What A Wonderful World… Daystar TV, Vision, etc. All programming focused on strength.”

Practical Advice

We love the practicality of Mark's advice. You don't have to take up a new hobby, just work some motivational media into your routine!

Our team was proud to represent Agnes and Mark and to get them the coverage that they deserved. We do our best to make the entire claim process comfortable, but we realize that by nature it is a difficult one. We are happy that they were able to find some calm in the storm and thankful that they were willing to share their experience and advice with others.

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

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