Navigating Disability Benefits with Mental Illness

*All names and identifying details have been changed to protect the confidentiality of all involved.

Applying for disability benefits is an overwhelming process, particularly for those suffering from mental illnesses. The uncertainty of the process combined with trying to prove an invisible disease to doubting insurance companies leaves most feeling confused and hopeless.

Insurance companies will add to confusion

Rather than help, most insurance companies will add to this conflict by refuting your claim, which causes more stress during an already sensitive time. Paula D. faced a similar situation with her insurance company and contacted Share Lawyers to assist with her claim.

“When I first realized I was in a situation where I felt helpless, lost and anxious, I knew I needed professional help. After the first meeting, I felt like I finally had someone who was going to fight for me.”

Unfair treatment due to mental illness stigma

Paula knew she was being treated unfairly due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. The Share Lawyers team came to her defense, providing expert advice and helping her learn what to expect from the process.

Her mind was set at ease, and the disability benefits she was now receiving from Standard Life helped her supplement her income rather than blow through her savings. She felt that she could trust the Share Lawyers team to navigate her case and offer a sense of comfort through an already stressful time.

“The advice was respectful and honest. Absolutely!”

Paula contacts Share Lawyers

Before reaching out to Share Lawyers, no action was being taken to move along Paula’s claim. Even though the process should be timely, her file felt stagnant. Several months went by with no activity—until she contacted Share Lawyers.

“Once Mr. Share took the file over everything went smoothly and quickly.”

Although she was making progress with her claim, Paula noted that the problem with depression is that there is no definite cure—it often takes daily management in order to function.

Managing depression can be a journey

Managing depression can be a journey with moments of improvement and despair. Losing a job combined with financial uncertainty increases the stress of a disease that’s difficult to manage. Paula agrees that it is difficult to imagine when working will be possible again, but disability benefits can offer some financial security.

Most insurance agencies will make your file an uphill battle, while your illness or injury is already impeding your climb. We at Share Lawyers understand your struggle and will help you fight for the benefits you deserve.

“I am thankful that there is a way to deal with insurance companies that unfairly deny benefits to people who have paid into it their entire lives, and when they need it insurance companies do everything they can to not pay.”

Mental illness should be treated with respect & caution

Mental illnesses are serious and should be treated with respect and caution. We will ensure your best interests are represented during the case.

“Share Lawyers literally saved my life! If I didn’t feel that there would ever be a light at the end of the tunnel there is a good chance I wouldn’t be here today. Thank you David Share.”

Denied your long term disability claim?

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