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At Share Lawyers, we are always on top of the latest news and developments when it comes to disability, wellness, and representation. As a disability law firm, we are dedicated to ensuring we are not only equipped with the skills and knowledge to help our clients get the long term disability benefits they deserve, but that we are also in tune with what’s going on in the world.

This month, Share Lawyers would like to share three news articles our clients have shared with us:

Apple Wants To Introduce New Emojis To Better Represent People With Disabilities

Emojis have become a very popular way to communicate, BBC reports Apple’s responded to many feeling that very few current emoji options "speak to the life experiences of those with disabilities" and has sent a proposal to Unicode Consortium, the organization that reviews requests for all new emoji characters, to create emojis that reflect the lives of those with disabilities like an ear with a hearing aid, a person a wheelchair, bionic limbs, and more.

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Canadians With Disabilities About Twice As Likely To Experience Violence StatsCan

In a recent article from the Toronto Star, Michelle Miquigge reports on the recent findings by StatsCan that Canadians with disabilities are about twice as likely to experience violence as their able-bodied peers.

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Why Mental Health Matters In The Workplace

In a recent sponsored post from the Toronto Star, supporting the Workplace Mental Health Conference scheduled for June in Toronto. The article underscores the importance of mental health in the workplace, how it can affect worker productivity, and how employers need to have a mental-health strategy in the workplace.

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